Flashback to the Summer Olympics 1984!

For my Canadian friends, especially Marg who is going to experience the Winter Olympics in her own backyard and Susanne who kind of  missed the torch going through her city, I decided to pull up this photo of my husband with an Olympic Torch from the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. I’ll have to dig up some photos of him doing his actual run in Ontario, California. He entered the chance to represent his company and his name was drawn. It really was an exciting time for our family.

We also were able to see some Olympic rowing events at Lake Casitas.

Today I’m off running to take care of some things for Dear and then I’m driving across town again for an evening event with my family. Hoping the rain doesn’t interfere too much with my visibility while I’m driving. It doesn’t mist here in Southern California or rain lightly like in Washington. Rain here is always an event of ginormous proportions and ramifications…

UPDATE: ellen b. is staying put at her condo. We cancelled our event in Huntington Beach because the weather is deteriorating and a tornado watch has been issued! Yikes..

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.

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19 thoughts on “Flashback to the Summer Olympics 1984!

  1. A “family memory” of epic proportions! That is QUITE an honor . . . and a great accomplishment to be enjoyed by the generations of family yet to come! I, too, saw the torch as in was carried through Montebello, California, that same summer right down humble and old Whittier Boulevard! Must find the photo we snapped of the “torch carrier” . . . there was quite an entourage that followed this person! An historic moment for all involved.

  2. ellen ..I have so much been thinking of you and Willow hoping you girls will stay safe. You know what rain is like but poor Willow .. watch she doesn’t drown.
    I love the picture of your Dear running with the torch. Won’t he be delighted to see the picture up there for your girl friends admiration.
    Marg . .is going to be super proud of you.

  3. That tornado warning was unusual. So far so good out there, right? Now if all the earthen dams will stay OK, no earthquakes, no flash floods…hmmm…maybe you should drive over to my house for a bit until all those storms pass over!

  4. First, I love that picture of your husband. My Mom and I got to go to the swimming event (I was 8 at the time) but still remember that I felt so special…like I was witnessing history.
    Second, I live in HB and went home for lunch and got stuck at home because I heard hail, I heard tornado watch, and I looked out my window and could not even see across the street. An hr later and it is still raining but the sun has come back out thank goodness. I don’t remember ever having a tornado watch down here. Yikes.

    • It was a special time to experience here in Southern California. My kids were 5 and 3 and they went to the rowing events with us…
      Glad the sun is out in HB and that the tornado warning has been lifted!!

  5. Oh, I’m so excited…Ellen, What a fantastic tribute…I may just need to borrow that photo some time..We have our torch run here on Feb. 7th.

    I’ve just baked up a cake and added the rings and medals for it, in honor of some up-coming local events.
    Thanks for sharing this enthusiasm with me….

  6. I remember the 1984 Olympics! The torch came through our town that year. It was just about 3 blocks or so from where we lived at the time, so we walked down there to watch it go by. I remember my grandparents watching it with us. My daughter was an infant then. Also another then about the 1984 Olympics. That was when I first experienced watching something on TV with the captions. We were at a friend’s house and the TV was on. I think the women’s marathon was on at the time. When I saw the captions, I was amazed at how much I was missing in the commentary and annoucements during the Olympics. That was the thing that convinced me I needed to get a captioner. Back then we had to buy a separate box to have captions on the TV.

    That is so cool that you husband was one of the runners!


  7. What a wonderful keepsake! The Olympic torch has just gone past our city and on its way to Vancouver. I watched the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1988 Winter Olympics held here in Calgary. Still have the poncho they gave us to make up the pattern in the spectators seating, and yes, lots of pins from different countries.

  8. Yes, the 1984 Olympic torch ran through Whittier. My mom, lil bro and I sat under the old Walnut tree near the old Whittier skatelands resting place. And yes I remember some man about 30 yrs. old, dressed in similiar attire as the runners “blended in” w/ the runners for quite a distance. Then simultaneously, as the torch was being handed off, this guy gains speed and just as he was seemingly about ready to retrieve the torch, he was lifted off by what looked like undercover security, grabbed him. Was this supposed to happen? It was as though it was choregraphed. So smooth, so unnoticeably handled. It looked as if this guy was about ready to pass out or stumble then these guys saved him from a fall or he wasn’t supposed to be there. They grabbed him and they struggled a little then he hollers out something that startled the crowd and he got free and ran off. Now, having the Olympics in Whittier was a thrill, but this part of the event I would have to say stuck in my head moreso than being a part of an historical event such as this. If anybody recalls this, please reply to this message. Still to this day when I hear about the 1984 Olympic torch in Whittier this is what sticks in my head. What’s really going on!!

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