She Has Style…

This is my sweet Grand Niece modeling the hat we bought her for Christmas. Couldn’t wait so I gave it to her early. To see more photos of the flower that’s bigger then her face visit my niece Michelle’s blog here.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “She Has Style…

  1. OH GLORY…too cute. If she lived in the south she would fit right in. That is one thing I have noticed while visiting blogs….southern children wear hair bows and such as big as their heads. She is precious. Oh I miss little bitty girl stuff.

  2. OH MY LORD! My daughter was standing behind me and as I scrolled down and the picture came into view we both let out a huge tandem AWWWWWWW……. So gosh darn adorable♥

  3. I just happened to open Michelle’s blog at work….and OH MY!!!
    I left it minimized all day on my desk top!! I showed it to whoever came in my cube!!!! Too, too precious!!!

  4. Oh Ellen B., she is too darling for words!!! Don’t you wish you could get away with wearing a hat like that? I’d try it, but I don’t think hubby would let me out the door…LOL!!! She is SO CUTE!!!!
    I hope you’re having a wonderful time ;-).

    xoxo Cori G.

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