Friday’s Fave Five ~ Seattle?, L.A?, Where Am I?

Thanks to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story we’re encouraged to look back over the last 7 days and remember a few of our favorite things.


My life confuses me some times. Dear and I are living in Southern California right now and for the past 3 years because of his work but we still call the Seattle area “home” and that is where our house and kids reside. For the past couple years I’ve spent about 6 weeks in July and August at our home in Seattle. After 2 weeks in Seattle I unexpectedly had to fly back to Southern California this week to attend a funeral. I’ll be in So. Cal. for 6 days and head back to Seattle on Monday night. So here are 5 of my faves…

1. My blueberry bush has ripe blueberries and every morning in Washington I go out in my jammies with weird hair and in front of the birds and the early going to workers and pick a good bunch for my cereal. I love this ritual.

2. My daughter and I had a great time transforming our deck gazebo into a Moroccan tent for a shower she gave her friend. It’s fun to work along side each other and enjoy the time and the results.


3. Being unexpectedly reunited with Dear for 6 days. It breaks up our time apart which is a good thing. He’ll be flying to Seattle on July 31st for two weeks and then we’ll return to Southern California together.

4. Attending Sophie’s funeral. I know this probably sounds weird to a lot of you that it is a favorite but this great old lady (95-1/2) wanted to die and be with Jesus and she finally got her wish. The wonderful part of attending the funeral was being reunited with church family from 35 years ago and singing together again and boy did we sing a lot and every stanza and with music and a cappella.

5. It was also nice to see my older brother at the funeral. I hadn’t seen him for at least 5 years and it was good to see him face to face.

Looking forward to seeing your favorites!

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

22 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five ~ Seattle?, L.A?, Where Am I?

  1. Picking blueberries in the morning with weird hair sounds wonderful. I didn’t find #4 strange, as I agree she is in the place she wants to be and has been granted eternal happiness. And what is better than that?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Do you wake up sometimes and don’t know which state you are in? Your own blueberries? Wow! It must have been special to see Fred.

  3. Great FFF, Ellen. Each one is special. Especially seeing your brother! I know I already told you, but I think the Moroccan tent is awesome.

  4. It has been a good week for you Ellen. I love your family pics. . always smiling and always cooperative for blogging purposes.
    So glad you could reunite with your brother. . what a blessing and of course your dear.

  5. How long can you pick blueberries each day? Is it a long season in Washington? It was a blessing to see and talk to your family Ellen.

  6. Great that you got to see your brother. Wonderful. You know sometimes funerals are the only way you see those long lost relatives. Wonderful blueberry bush 🙂 Have a great weekend. Hope you know where you are LOL Aloha my friend

  7. The Moroccon tent looks great. You both did a wonderful job.
    Death is inevitable and it’s always great when you can celebrate their life and be at peace that they have gone to a better place.
    Great list and thanks for sharing.

  8. I love keeping in touch Ellen. You have had a week of unexpected plans, and yet you turned them into positive events, uniting with your brother, Sophies funeral, catching up with him, and of course to top it off your wonderful shower…It’s how we choose to respond to our circumstances.

  9. I love your morning ritual!

    How imaginative to set up a Moroccan for a shower! It looks great!

    I know what you mean about funerals. Those for dear old saints can be so inspiring to those of us following after.

  10. I lived in Seattle for about 2 years back in the early 80’s. It was so pretty there but I must admit I missed my New England. I understand how a funeral can be a favorite. It gives you a chance to see loved ones and to celebrate the life of one who has gone to be with Jesus.

  11. Fresh picked blueberries for breakfast. What a treat!

    I know what you mean about a funeral like that being a favorite. Celebrating the long life of a friend who loved the Lord and has gone home to be with Him and getting to see others who also loved and honored her. How nice that you got to see your brother. I can’t imagine not seeing my sis for 5 years.

  12. Fresh blueberries.. YUM! What a treat!

    How wonderful that a life that loved the Lord can be celebrated and rejoiced in with so many of like minds!

    Thanks for your visit to My Quiet Corner! It was a pleasure. Please know you are welcome anytime!

  13. I understand what you mean about funerals – although sad, they also can be a time of rejoicing when a saint goes home. It’s always good to reunite with old friends and family, too.

  14. Great list. The Moroccan tent gazebo looks fantastic! I know funerals are hard but it sounds like Sophie lived a full life and is now just where she wanted to be.

    We’ve just gone through some back and forth travel, in different directions at one point, so I know how nice it is to be reunited.

  15. Ahh…the idea of picking your own blueberries is just divine.

    The Moroccan gazebo idea is unreal! I love to see things like this as it sparks ideas for us. Even if you don’t do the exact same thing, the wheels in the mind start to turn. 🙂

  16. okay, so now I have to wonder…..

    how weird does your hair get??

    I mean there are levels of weirdness here…..where do you land on the weird hair scale??

  17. Sorry, I’m late getting by your blog for FFF (it’s almost time for another one!) but I didn’t want the week to go by without visiting.

    I’m jealous that you can go pick fresh blueberries for your breakfast every day! That would be so neat …

    I don’t find #4 weird at all. The home-going of one of God’s saints should be a celebration!

    I think the picture of the shower on your deck is neat. I’ve never been to Morocco but to me your decor looked authentic.

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