Let the Celebrations Begin…


I’ve never been one to shy away from celebrations and since I’m not getting any younger I decided that I need more than one day to celebrate. Now Lovella is enjoying her Jubilee year and that deserves a whole year of celebrating but for my 58th year I’m claiming the next 60 days to celebrate. That way I’ll get to celebrate with my kids, too, when we go to Seattle for Easter. My celebrations will culminate with Mother’s Day!

My actual birthday is March 14th and this year it happens to be National Pi Day I found that out from The Scrabblequeen Knits, too. And she also let me know it’s Albert Einstein’s birthday! With all this excitement happening this weekend I decided I needed to get a jump on my celebrations so I don’t get overlooked.


Dear is already treating me royally (what a guy). He ordered me a new SLR camera that is arriving sometime next week. He made reservations for dinner on my birthday at  Tam O’ Shanter in Los Angeles. My niece Michelle and Ryan have been going here for special occasions and we’ve been wanting to try it since it comes highly recommended. Michelle posted about the restaurant here.

Hmmm, Willow’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day so maybe I’ll suggest to her we do a little something next Tuesday to celebrate both our birthdays…


Next Wednesday my daughter Katie arrives for a week to visit us and attend a wedding of one of her friends from Wheaton College. On that Wednesday my extended family is getting together for a bring in Chinese Dinner at my sister’s house in Whittier. (Everyone who comes will bring a take-out Chinese dish of their choice for us all to share.) My mom is baking a cake to celebrate my birthday and my SIL Letty’s birthday that night. How sweet it is. Sometimes it’s hard for us all to get together so we don’t have any problem with combining celebrations when we can get together.


And just so all this celebrating doesn’t go to my head I’ll continue my daily chores and I’ll keep exercising and I’ll make it a point to share the love with other people around me and treat them to some fun, too. But most importantly I’ll remember the One who gives me all good things to enjoy. Thank you Lord!

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage unless I pay them a lot of money. I’m slowly cleaning up many posts from this time period and deleting their ugly grey and black boxes with a ransom request. Such a time consuming bother.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Let the Celebrations Begin…

  1. Ellen .. .you go girl ..
    Shocked. . I tell you shocked. . you can not be as old as you claim. . be honest here. . this is not a time to be jesting. . .as your first photo indicates.
    I do love the second picture with your lei. . and your hair all done.
    Enjoy each moment. . .and I do wish you now. . the Happiest of Birthday’s dear friend.

  2. This was a GREAT post!!!!! Sounds like LOTS of fun is coming. And the rest of us will benefit from your new birthday gift as well…even more pictures with even better zoom I bet. :o) I think you are more than worthy of 60 days of celebration!

  3. Happy Birthday Ellen B.!
    It’s never too late or too early to celebrate!!! I hope it’s a fun filled 60 days! OK my friend, 60 days is a bit much, but you only turn 58 once so go for it!

    Ooh! The Tam-O-Shanter…I’ve always wanted to go there.

    🙂 Cori G.

  4. Ellen, Happy Birthday – and what a great 60 days you’ve got planned. A new camera – whoo hoo! And one with lenses and stuff….what fun.

    When your 60 days of partying are over, we must get together with Willow and do something fun. It’s been too long.


  5. Sounds like a wonderful 60 days are in store for you…and from reading your blog, I’d guess Dear usually treats you royally. 🙂 It is royally grand to be loved!

    Happy birthday…day 1…to you.

  6. Love all the pictures!! Happy Belated Birthday Ellen!! I love that you are continuing the celebration through to Mother’s Day. What fun for you!

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