2nd Time Around Tuesday – Cake Plate


First of all I’d like to say thank-you to everyone who gave me suggestions on how to repair this cake plate I’m showing for the renamed Trash to Treasure Tuesday. Trash to Treasure is now 2nd Time Around Tuesday and our hostess is still Diane at A Picture is worth a 1,000 Words.


I bought the plate and base even though they were separated for $5.00 at a local thrift store. This was before the repair. We just set the top on the base to show what it’s suppose to look like. Dear used Super Glue Epoxy Adhesive since that’s what he already had in the garage. Here it is 24 hours after the repair. It seems to be holding firm. I will never immerse it in water but just wipe it clean when it needs it.


I really like my $5.00 thrift store purchase that will have a second time around…

To see more treasures or to join on in visit Diane at the link above…

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage unless I pay them a lot of money. I’m slowly cleaning up many posts from this time period and deleting their ugly grey and black boxes with a ransom request. Such a time consuming bother.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

25 thoughts on “2nd Time Around Tuesday – Cake Plate

  1. Hi Ellen B.,
    I’m glad your epoxy job worked. You might want to check the label and see if it’s water soluble or not. Some epoxy’s won’t break down when water is applied.

    🙂 Cori G.

  2. Hi, Ellen …

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a note for me at Southern Lagniappe. I’m so glad it led me here to your lovely blog.

    Your cake plate is exquisite — and I can’t believe it was just $5.00! I’ve seen similar ones in antique shops that were very expensive.

    I’m going to add your blog to my favorites and will look forward to coming back again soon.



  3. What a great find for only $5.00! I know I m “late” with this info..but there is a epoxy that I buy called E6000( micheals, hobby lobby) that works VERY well on glass and china! Someone may have already mentioned it!
    I also find that if you can use alcohol and a fine emery board to “open the pores” a bit …it also help! Have fun using you “new” cake stand!

  4. What a lovely cakeplate.And for $5.00.wow It’s increadible.I’m so glad you could fix it too.I know that HAD to have broken your heart…Ann

  5. Dear Ellen, your stars were in the right place the day you found this beauty. It is gorgeous to say the least. Good job gluing it and ‘Dear’ should get a big kiss.

    Have a wonderful day and fina a good place to show that beauty off.


  6. Oh no….why didn’t we think of this at Christmas time when I gave my DIL a lovely cake plater and when she opened it up it was the same way…I didn’t know about doing this at that time. *sigh*. Hers was so beautiful too like yours. I’m so glad you were able to fix yours. Just be careful with it when washing as you say.

    have a lovely evening.

    p.s. stop by and visit…I’m having a giveaway!!

  7. I am glad you were able to fix the cake plate. Looks very pretty now. I enjoyed your previous posts. Your met post is wonderful. What a difference the bigger bookcase does to the room. Looks elegant now.

  8. Just happened upon your blog and had to smile when I saw the picture of the cake plate. We received one exactly like this for a wedding gift in 1969 and have treasured it. Like this one, it did come apart and my husband epoxied it back together. I believe it was made by Fostoria. Yours is the first I have seen. My mother-in-law has borrowed mine to take her luscious cakes to church suppers.

    Lovely blog.


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