Cousins in Seattle


Two of our 3 nieces on Dear’s side of the family travelled to Seattle from New York and Los Angeles last weekend for a cousin reunion. Our third niece Kacie is still in highschool and didn’t make the trip. The great thing about this reunion is that it was all initiated on the cousins’ part not the Aunts’ and Uncles’. The Aunts and Uncles were in Southern California and all the cousins but one were in Seattle. What a blessing for our family that we all love each other.

Top left photo our son Dan, niece Annie, niece Jenna, our son Josh. Top right in the back our DIL Laura, Jenna, Dan, Annie and Josh. Our daughter Katie with her boyfriend Ben. Bottom Dan, Annie, Jenna. Bottom right our son Josh and Dil Laura. Is it just me or do these cousins resemble eachother?

Bear with me as I experiment with these collages. I stole all these photos from my DIL Laura and just love seeing my kids and nieces so it’s been fun creating these with their faces that I don’t see as often as I would like to…


Hey Josh! Look what I saw at Trader Joe’s today. If you were a wine lover I would have bought you a case!

Photobucket is holding my photos hostage from 2007-2015 and replacing them with an ugly black and grey squares demanding money to release them, so frustrating.

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9 thoughts on “Cousins in Seattle

  1. I enjoyed your cousin collage very much. I so agree with your joy in the fact that this was initiated by the cousins. . I think that we as parents all hope that what we began . . .they’ll care on. So.. . wonderful.

  2. Hi Ellen,

    What a neat group. I have dozens of cousins, but I don’t keep in touch with them but with a couple. It makes me envious to see your family’s cousins’ group. Also, living so far from home makes it a bit hard to keep in touch with my side of the cousins because many of them do not use the internet…

  3. Ellen..that is so lovely…to have a family who want to keep in touch and get together. I love it when my kids initiate family get togethers…it is always such fun. They are hoping to be all togther early December…can’t wait!!


    ps And I love the collages…keep up the good work…I am even trying it myself, after your tip about using picasa, ages ago, (you probably dont even remember)…thanks so much for that!

  4. How fun for them and for you to see this happen. I noticed the clothing they are all wearing, fall weather in the Northwest…….

  5. I feel sad that since the grandparents are gone the aunts and uncles aging the cousins don’t get together very often at all anymore…we were all together every Thanksgiving as kids. of course there’s about 30 or so of us…most of us now married with kids so that makes it a bit harder.

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