ABC Wednesday ~ Lovely, Lovely October

L is for Lovely, Lovely October


Lovely, lovely October

Ere, in the northern gale,
The summer tresses of the trees are gone,
The woods of Autumn, all around our vale,
Have put their glory on.

~ William Cullen Bryant


The top collage is October in our neighborhoods in the state of Washington in the Northwest. The bottom collage is October in our neighborhoods in Southern California in the Southwest. I choose to praise God for the beauty of October in both. What a wonderful world He created for us to enjoy.

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Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage on their site. All my photos that I stored and uploaded from that site are now big ugly black and grey boxes with a message to pay big bucks to get them restored to my blog. It will take me a long time to restore thousands of posts.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

41 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday ~ Lovely, Lovely October

  1. Lovely, lovely, indeed!

    I love how you said you “choose” to praise the Lord for the loveliness. Indeed, praising the Lord in our daily is a choice we make – thanks for the reminder.

    Thanks for your sweet words on the cardinal wallhanging… your encouraging words mean the world to me!

    Have a great afternoon.

  2. Indeed you’ve posted LoveLy October images!

    Louis” hopes you find a restaurant in the Bay Area that is the perfect spot for your anniversary celebration! If he thinks of others, he’ll post them. Chez Panisse is really, truly a special place – but it isn’t cheap!

    Alice Waters, the founder, is a great fan of the films of Marcel Pagnol. The name comes from one of Pagnol’s characters. Another of his characters was Fanny, so Water’s named her daughter after this character – as well as another of her restaurants.

    Waters was one of the first proponents of serving great food made from fresh, local ingredients and was/is a leader in encouraging organic farming.

    Chez Panisse has launched the careers of many local chefs and bakers: Steve Sullivan – Acme Bread, one of the finest breads in the Bay Area.
    Mary Canales – Ici Ice Cream, the best ice cream you’ve ever had!
    Alison Barakat – Bake Sale Betty’s, which sells more than 600 fried chicken sandwiches a day…the list goes on…

  3. Your new blog layout looks great Ellen. Ah what beauty you have photographed for October in two different states. I love them both but nothing beats the fall colors for me this time of year. It looks like Washington State gave you a wonderful fall display. Your little visitor in the post above is adorable.

  4. Thank you, Ellen, for your encouraging words! I have been in the ‘valley’ of ‘no inspiration’ but decided to do with what I had and try to post — thus the yellows of autumn! I love your yellow autumn leaves. We are not so vibrant here yet — much green can still be seen — but it’s just around the corner.

    Much appreciation for your words

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