WFW ~ Jonah 2:1-2


Jonah 2: 1-2 ~ “From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God. He said: “In my distress I called to the Lord, and he answered me. From the depths of the grave I called for help, and you listened to my cry.”

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Update: To answer several of your inquiries this photo was taken at Disneyland, Anaheim. It is part of the Pinocchio Ride in Fantasyland.

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I posted on my blog from 2007-2015 hostage and replaced them with big black and grey boxes with threats. So discouraging…as I’m slowly trying to clean up thousands of posts!

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

30 thoughts on “WFW ~ Jonah 2:1-2

  1. Hi Ellen B.,
    Oh! Brings back scary memories…I always thought that mouth was going to close once I was in it. Probably nothing compared to what Jonah felt as he was sliding down the throat and into the belly of that giant fish. What a great visual!
    I’m having a quiet week so far. My sister and brother-in-law will be coming in for the weekend from Arizona. MUST GET MY HOUSE CLEAN! YIKES!
    How’s your week going? Any fun plans for the three day weekend?

    XO Cori G.

  2. That picture pretty well puts Jonah’s saga into prospective. 😀 One thing for sure…If we ignore God He will surely get our attention. As for me…I’m thankful for that.

  3. Awww… Ellen, you ALWAYS have the perfect picture for any verses! I would have never thought to take a picture of that whale’s mouth if I were to walk by it. That alone distinguishes you to be a blogger extraordinaire!!


  4. Hi Ellen B.,
    No. No one pays me for my graphics…I’m just having fun, but if you want something done I can do things for free :).
    I hope you have a wonderful evening too!
    Xo Cori G.

  5. “From the depths of the grave I called for help, and you listened to my cry.” How truly comforting it is to know that God ALWAYS listens for us… even when we are in the depths!

    Happy WFW!

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