Ruby Tuesday

I got a kick out of this great advice on the side of a railroad car that is now parked at Country Village in Bothell, Washington.

And this Ruby Umbrella was at Country Village Also.

Another shot from Bothell along the Sammamish River Trail a couple of Kayakers in ruby Kayaks!

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone. Click over to Work of the Poet for more Ruby…

35 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday

  1. I like the train car. Not that those vagabonds that hop trains to ride for free are going to read these safety sayings as they are trying to hop a moving train.

    I wonder if that frilly red umbrella will actually repel water!

  2. Okay, the Washington pics have been great…but we are ready for you to return to the south. Sure you can enroll in the school…quite the commute each Friday, but if you’re up for it….

  3. Hi Ellen, I’m running late today but I sure am glad I got to come over here! I like your red kayaks the best even if their display of red is limited.
    Thank you for peeking in on my baby quilts. This is a nice project for us.

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