Pampering Myself ~ How to Eat Out Alone


I have learned over the years to pamper myself when the time is right. I also can rationalize a dinner out any day of the week. So…because Dear has been in Seattle at a Pharmacy conference since Friday and I’ve been home alone I decided to have a treat and go out to dinner on my last night alone. I started the eating out alone experience when I was out of town at sports tournaments, etc. I learned that it’s OK to eat out alone. The first couple times it was awkward but I’m “way over it”. I like to eat early so Happy Hours are ideal for me. You can eat at a nice restaurant instead of a Fast Food Joint!

Tonight I hopped into my car and drove a short distance to the Safire American Bistro in Camarillo. The bar has great tables for two for a single person to feel comfortable at. These tables were out of the main hub bub and not real conspicuous. They have what they think are deals on their happy hour menu. I’ve had better deals elsewhere but this was nice never-the-less. (Is that one word?) I ordered their Safire Salad which was wonderful $5.00. I love that it had garbanzo beans (chickpeas) in the salad and Parmesan shavings. The tomatoes were grape tomatoes and not the scary salmonella tomatoes that are causing havoc across the US right now. Sheesh the $7.00 gourmet pizza was a medium size not a personal size so I brought 3/4 of it home. I suppose $7.00 for a medium gourmet pizza at a nice restaurant is a good Happy Hour price…

Ummm, I wasn’t going to mention it but since it’s in the photo collage the gin martini was $6.00.  And since you are eating out alone, only have one drink please. 🙂 Now how do I rationalize this meal that cost me $23.00 with tip you ask, yes I generally tip 20%. I figure since Dear’s company is paying for all his meals the last 5 days we’re way ahead even though I splurged. Do you see my reasoning?

The pampering didn’t stop with dinner. When I got home I brewed myself a cup of tea and had a slice of Amish Friendship Bread that Willow sent home with me yesterday. Very yummy, Willow!


This is a new brand of tea I’m trying from St. Petersbourg, actually made in France. A Russian blend of China, Ceylon and India teas with natural scents of bergamot, lemon, lime, orange, mandarin, and flowers. (Earl Grey, citrus fruits and flowers). I love the little muslin tea bags.

Dear comes home tomorrow, yippee!

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage. They have blacked out all those photos on my blog posts. OH BOTHER! I’m slowly cleaning up my posts.

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13 thoughts on “Pampering Myself ~ How to Eat Out Alone

  1. OH, no doubt you are still way ahead on savings…well worth the trip out! As many others do, when I eat alone out alone, I usually have a book or magazine to read, or watch sports on their TV.

  2. I’m ready to head out for dinner alone….your experience has been a challenge! My sweet husband doesn’t miss many meals here at home…but hunting is coming in a few months! I’ll start planning!
    How is the walking coming?
    I’ll lighten up from here on out!! 🙂 The azaleas won’t last long and I wanted to share them before they quit blooming. It’s the only shade garden we have.

  3. I actually love to eat alone (especially for lunches) – because I am able to bring a book with me and read while I eat. And yes, Lana is right… I also get to people watch! Hahaha…

  4. YOU are totally worth that treat! Wow! What a meal…and the tea…girl you are speaking my language! What a wonderful experience!
    (For some reason this thing keeps telling me I’ve said this before) 🙂

  5. I have done this time and again, and it is always worth it. I will never go watch a movie alone (I don’t know why) but dinner out on my own has never been a problem. I have done that in Beijing and HK, where I did not speak mandarin, and the waiters had no English!

  6. Good topic well done.

    Granted our style and locations are a bit different, but the idea is the same.

    Pampering myself eating alone:

    Texas Pick-up truck mobile.

    Being a South Texas native, a solo meal with style was cruising down a farm to market to the gas station-grocery-taco-shotgun shell stop.

    There are tables covered with large red and white squares slightly off the main register area with habenero pepper and other assorted bottles of picante, toothpick cups, salt and pepper gear clusters in the center of the table.

    Ice tea is the sparkling beverage with ice picked chunks of ice filling a mason jar, slice of lemon, and free refills.

    The main course is a home made tamale in corn shucks from the horse corn fields, a secret and strenuous process that requires the cook to begin before day break to complete fresh tamales by midday, delicious chopped beef tacos smothered with pico-de-gallo made on the spot from tomato, cillantro, onion, limes (lemons will not do), then chilled to blend the flavors, beef is brisket grilled behind the gas station over mesquite cut from the arroyo, and followed up with triple chocolate and peach dutch over cobbler with a US Army field kitchen serving spoon slab of Blue Bell Ice Cream on top, and a scalding hot US Navy coffee mug of campfire coffee (Military Surplus adds rather than distracts in some unknown way).

    As you dine a bell with a clapper on a circular spring tinkles a mellow pitched chime as customers enter and leave, a blend of English and Spanish salutations and pleasantries waft through the air with the aroma of all good fresh food and rich spices, high school football heroes are ribbed, chastised, and lauded by old men in both languages as they quickly pay for gas in letter jackets joking with and giving remark for remark with equal humor. The cook, a Mexican National, woman with a tortilla body: rounded, plump, and comfortable, rigged out with a long white apron bustles in and out of the door to the back room swinging the door laughing and babbling with a Vera Cruz accent greeting and fussing over customers pointing out motherly advice for the wellbeing of your health in Spanish.

    Following delicious food, content, you nod farewell to all present and bid blessings and receive them also in Spanish, as is the custom with the key figures, walk out into the afternoon heat and toss a treat to the red tick hound who lifts his head from horizontal instantly awake from near sleep in the shade, the last act of the perfect meal alone.

  7. I can relate to this since I moved to Dubai last August…

    My fave place to eat alone is anywhere that serves a good Kilkenny (draught please) and a good steak. I found it after 6 months, in a nice Irish pub called Dubliners.

    An ex-colleague had actually brought me to the Meridien Hotel Airport in Garhoud to check out the gym (which is great). Then she suggested a pint after that at the “Irish pub behind”.

    Needless to say, I never joined the gym. But discovered this sanctuary where I find myself in twice a week. I’ve even made new friends at the bar (one of which I teamed up with on a Monday night for the regular pub game).

    If ever anyone comes to Dubai, tell the taxi driver ‘Dubliners at Meridien Village’. Once there, order a plate of chicken wings while you decide what to have for mains – bacon and lamb liver (divine), sirloin steak (worth the drive), all-day Irish breakfast (great with the crossword) and beef & Guiness pie (2 Kilkennys worth of waiting).

    The friendly staff are always on hand to top up the brew (there are 15 beers on tap available). And it never really gets too rowdy (unless there’s a wedding going on in the hotel).

    Every table has a little basket with tabasco, mustard, Lea & Perrins, malt vinegar, Heinz tomato ketchup, and salt & pepper shakers.

    Every dish that cones out of the kitchen is ‘scrutinised’ as they waft by the tables. That’s how you tell the first-timers from teh regulars. They just point and say to the waiter, “I’ll have that.”

    To be honest, I am quite used to eating alone. Esp back home in Singapore. But they tend to be rushed affairs. My solitary meals at Dubliners are properly planned affairs. When? What time? What do I bring to read? Do I bring the ipod? Or select my playlist on the computer at the bar?

    Round off the meal with one of the best bread ‘n butter puddings I’ve ever had and it’s time for another Kilkenny.

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