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46 thoughts on “WW ~ Seattle Japanese Gardens

  1. Oh. Wow…

    We have a Japanese Garden (“Jardín Japonés”) in Buenos Aires, and it’s as beautiful as the one you show in the picture. It’s very close to mother’s apartment, so I would drive by on my way there all the time. Good memories…

    My WW post is here. Have a great day!

  2. Ellen, you can plant lavender all summer long. It should be just fine. I love it when they are planted in groupings — the more the merrier when it comes to lavender!

    I love the Japanese Gardens picture you posted. It’s lovely! I’ve never been to Seattle’s, but Portland’s is nice. Have you been there?


  3. I have enjoyed your last few posts, catching up! I remember the Seattle Tea Garden…beautiful shots you have taken, and it is wonderful to see that lovely wisteria, since those here have faded away by now.

  4. Wow that is absolutely breath taking. Thank you for sharing the beauty. I came here by recommendation of David and now I see I need to make the drive up to Seattle so that I can tour the gardens myself.

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