ABC Wednesday ~ T is for

T is for Tea Rooms and Tea


The Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle, Washington.


This last weekend my husband and I took a quick trip to our home in Washington. On Sunday my sister Lana (Above the Clouds) and my daughters had reservations for Tea at the Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle, Washington. So of course my T is for Tea!

The table settings were beautiful with a different tea cup and saucer for each of us to enjoy.


All the lovely Tea accessories and amazing assortment of Teas. Each of us had our own pot of tea. I had Lavender Earl Grey, Lana had Jack Fruit (a staff favorite), Katie had a Mango blend, and Laura had a Chai blend.


Our Tea food was delicious and plentiful. We started with 3 flavors of sorbet with a butterfly lavender shortbread cookie, Scones, Crumpets, Quiche, Sandwiches, lemon bread, and a variety of sweets. Of course we had clotted cream and jams to go with.

Laura my DIL, Katie my daughter, and my sister Lana G!


On the way home from our tea party we stopped at the Seattle Arboretum and visited the Japanese Gardens so we could see this Japanese Tea house where my daughter Katie is studying the Art of Japanese Tea for one of her University classes.


This is Katie all dressed up for her Art of Japanese Tea Ceremony Class.

The girls had a very lovely afternoon in beautiful Seattle.

For more posts on the letter T visit Mrs. Nesbitt.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and they have blacked them all out. I’m slowly working at restoring my posts without their help. Such a tiresome bother!


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39 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday ~ T is for

  1. What a clever post! Oh that table setting is so beautiful, it
    necessarily don´t had to be the same cups!
    Everything looks so inviting.

  2. Each picture in your collage is inviting to look at. The tea cups are beauties!! The food yummy…there is purple sugar on a butterfly cookie!! What a good idea.
    Keep the tea coming!!
    I would have liked a class on the Art of Tea!! The final project must have been fun!!

  3. Love the pictures–thanks for sharing!

    I’m working on a story that has a scene which takes place in a team room. Just today I was trying to decide whether to call it a tea house, a tea shop, or a tea room. I’ll take your post as a sign: tea room it is! 🙂

  4. Oh, I absolutely LOVED this post! I enjoy going for a “proper” tea like the one you all enjoyed and even had high tea in Sicily one day when there. Be sure to pop over for another virtual tour of a part of Italy today! 😀

  5. My daughter also took a Japenese Tea class last semester before she graduated…she loved it! I love tea(prefer coffee) but this is a great post.
    ine is up here and here.

  6. How very genteel and relaxing it all looks. Very lovely. Your daughter looks beautiful.

    Mine’s tea-based too but far less grand!

  7. This is a very beautiful tearoom and your set of pictures is very tempting to go and visit it, only….. it’s a bit far away! You have a nice family!

  8. Tea for T, of course. The Tea Room looks to be such an elegant place. Love all the tea cups hanging on the vine. I’m hungry just looking at the special food. Very cute photos of your Katie.

  9. Thanks for your visit to Belgrade today. I love your photos, and I love tea. My daughter lives in Seattle, but I hadn’t heard about this tea room, but will check it out next visit!

  10. Really enjoyable post, love the photos and your daughter is very pretty, good luck to her in her Japanese Tea making degree.

    Come and visit my Tree House.

  11. Your photos are just beautiful. I just looked at your blog today.

    How wonderful for your daughter to take such a nice course like that! When my daughter was in 4th grade her teacher really got into the Japanese tea ceremony. Knowing I was into tea I got to come and help. It was so nice.

    Your photos are so clear and crisp and the colors so vivid. I also like how you put them together in collages.


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