Hospital-i-Tea Blogathon ~ Favorite Tea

April 27 – May 3
Tell about your favorite tea. How do you prepare it and serve it? Milk and sugar? Plain? What are some of your best memories of serving or sipping on this tea.

Truth be told I generally enjoy tea steeped with a tea bag. If I am going to steep loose tea I enjoy a good Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea. I always have to make sure I have good ole Lipton tea bags around for my family especially my brother Leonard. Some of my sisters have moved on to herbal teas. When I was younger I put lots of sugar and milk in my tea. These days I drink most of my hot beverages black with no sweeteners. In honor of this weeks assignment Dear and I went to Cost Plus bought a tin of Twinings Earl Grey Loose Tea and steeped ourselves a cuppa this afternoon. Lovely…


My best memories of tea are from my childhood when I’d have tea with my maternal grandmother. Also whenever we get together with my side of the family we enjoy tea at the end of our meals together. Sometimes I’ll have it black, sometimes with lemon, and sometimes with milk. Then the next best memory of tea is when I travelled to England for the first time in 1973. We were part of a Christian Rock band singing at local schools and churches. We would be housed by local families who were interested in our ministry. How very special it was to have a knock on the bedroom door in the morning, open the door and see a tray with a teapot steeping and tea cups and milk to get us started in the morning. What a wonderful treat and memory. I also love how when staying at Bed and Breakfasts in England we’ve been greeted with tea upon our arrival. This next photo is of our daughter enjoying a cup of welcome tea in our flat in Edinburgh.


I’d love that beautiful blue and white tea set! Tea is always a welcome refreshment when I am tired and after travelling a long way.


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Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and they have blacked them all out. I’m slowly working at restoring my posts without their help. Such a tiresome bother!

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22 thoughts on “Hospital-i-Tea Blogathon ~ Favorite Tea

  1. I loved your post! Your comments about traveling in England and having a tray of hot tea waiting outside your door in the morning just fills me with ‘warm, cozy, and fuzzy’ feelings! What wonderful hospitality! I think it’s a custom we all should adopt! Your daughter is beautiful, sipping her tea from that beautiful blue and white tea set! And the teacup graphic at the end of your post — the cutest thing!

    Thanks for posting! I’m still working out my post — and am trying to get photos to post again. Computers are so wonderful (and so exasperating sometimes!).

    🙂 LaTeaDah

  2. My mother was extremely frugal, so when our family had tea she would pass around ONE teabag for all SEVEN of us. We would each dunk it a few times in the hot water in our cup, and stir in a heaping teaspoon of sugar. Then Mom would put the teabag into a little bowl to save for another time!! Nowadays I use one whole teabag for myself, and I have learned to drink it without any sugar. I enjoy a mug of tea in the evenings while watching TV. At the moment my favourite is “Candy Cane Lane” by Celestial Seasonings, a delicious blend of peppermint and vanilla.

    Hi Elsie, Now that is very frugal indeed. I have to say when I’m going to have tea in the evening I like it on the light side myself. Good for you in using one whole bag for yourself! 🙂 There are a couple other bloggers out there that really like the Candy Cane Lane and say that they hoard several boxes at Christmas time…

  3. Ellen! Oh my gosh!
    I have the full set of the black chicken tea pot..It was a stacked set made in the 1930s…I have a picture of the whole thing somewhere on kettle and cup…That is too cool because it is very unusual!

  4. What a nice post. I love all of your memories. Your tea looks so delicious. I would love to be served tea upon arrival to any where. What a nice welcome.

  5. Hi Ellen,
    Oh to have tea in England. How wonderful! And Scotland to…that’s even more wonderful.
    A christians rock band, that sounds like an adventure in itself.
    How did you like the Getty? Isn’t it a beautiful peaceful place? I loved the outdoor pool and garden the most.

  6. Tea did you say. I love a cup of Earl Grey. I love a cup when sitting out on the porch, when in the bath, when waking up. I long for a pink teapot to make it in, but haven’t found one yet. Loved reading your memories.

  7. I make a “proprietory” blend of Earl Grey and Irish Breakfast tea–that’s my favorite. I almost always make a pot at a time; three scoops Earl Grey, two scoops Irish Breakfast. But I love straight Earl Grey, too.

    My favorite herbal infusion is Ginger Rooibus.

    I’m only allowed one cup of caffeine per day now, though, so my cup of choice is coffee. I miss tea.

  8. This is easy! What kind of tea do I like most? Murchies Blank Currant. I steep it for four to five minutes, serve with cream and sugar in a beautiful tea cup.
    You can find Murchies on line at:
    It is not sold in the U.S. but they do deliver quite nicely!!

  9. I haven’t mastered the art of loose tea but I do know about being sure to have Liptons in the house. The photo of your daughter is lovely. We should all be greeted with a a hot cup of tea when we arrive somewhere. Thank you for sharing such great memories. ~Kathy

  10. I love a good, strong, black tea with a little sugar….English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast. Love the chicken pot! I’ve never seen one like it!

    Love those eyes peering out behind the teacup!


  11. A few years ago when we were in England we visited Horsham St Faith , where the Twining family were very prominent. My husbands ancestors lived there. What a great time we had, and tea was always available at the B&B. I do like the Twinings tea, and would love to collect the Twinings tins.
    Your header photo is nice…we hope to go to Scotland this next fall

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