Litera Tea ~ Anne of Green Gables

I just recently read Anne of Green Gables for the first time. I had seen and enjoyed the movies. This is a great quote from the book during a conversation with Anne and Marilla as Anne anticipates going to tea at the manse (a clergyman’s residence).

“But all things have an end, even nights before the day on which you are invited to take tea at the manse. The morning, in spite of Matthew’s predictions, was fine and Anne’s spirits soared to their highest.

“Oh, Marilla, there is something in me today that makes me just love everybody I see, ” she exclaimed as she washed the breakfast dishes. “You don’t know how good I feel! Wouldn’t it be nice if it could last? I believe I could be a model child if I were just invited out to tea everyday. But oh, Marilla, it’s a solemn occasion, too. I feel so anxious. What if I shouldn’t behave properly? You know I never had tea at a manse before, and I’m not sure that I know all the rules of etiquette, although I’ve been studying the rules given in the Etiquette Department of the Family Herald ever since I came here. I’m so afraid I’ll do something silly or forget to do something I should do. Would it be good manners to take a second helping of anything if you wanted to very much?”

“The trouble with you, Anne, is that you’re thinking too much about yourself. You should just think of Mrs. Allan and what would be nicest and most agreeable for her.” said Marilla, hitting for once in her life on a very sound and pithy piece of advice. Anne instantly realized this.

“You are right, Marilla. I’ll try not to think about myself at all.”

Enjoy a little tea in my library in celebration of Litera-tea!
My first Litera post about Russian Tea is here.

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Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage. I’m working on updating my blog posts very slowly.

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16 thoughts on “Litera Tea ~ Anne of Green Gables

  1. I enjoyed Anne of Green Gables so much as a child! What a great “tea” quote. And your tea spread is just lovely. How nice it would be to sit down and have a cup! ~Kathy

  2. Now you just hold a spot for me at your table for a couple of days. I am bringing home a kulich for you and I think we deserve a little Russian Kulich Tea! 😉

    Our sister here in HB loves us! I am sure the one in Whittier loves us too just as much as we love each of them!

  3. Love the quote from Anne of Green Gables and your tea time table is so inviting looking but even more than that are the shelves of books peeking out from behind! Sigh! I’d love to have a real actual library!!! What a great place to have Litera-tea!

  4. I enjoyed reading the excerpt from Anne of Green Gables. The tea table is very lovely, the tea cups match the table cloth so nicely!

    Isn’t this tea blog-a-thon fun!

    Yellow Rose Arbor

  5. Your table is so beautiful and inviting!! Just wanted to tell you about the new book out called “Before Green Gables” by Budge Wilson. It is about the first 11 years of Anne’s life and it is really very good. Also, this is the 100th anniversary of Anne!! Don’t you just love her???

    Hi Gwen, Yes I’ve really enjoyed Anne. I happen to have the Budge book on my shelf and on my Spring reading list. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it and recommend it. I have a bloggy friend that lives on Prince Edward Island and I found out from her that it was Anne’s 100 year anniversary.

  6. I ended up commenting about your beautiful tea table on my previous post (Johnson Brothers china). Sorry for the confusion! 🙂

    I love the Anne books so much — and have read the series several times. They never disappoint — always great reading no matter how many times they’ve been read (and ever more interesting than the movie!).

    🙂 LaTeaDah

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