Love and Hate Meme ~

Maryt tagged me for a love and hate meme. She had ten.  I prefer not to use the word hate too much, especially about people so here’s what I came up with…

1. I love peace in relationships and I hate to not be forgiven.

2. I love to watch Soccer and I hate to watch wrestling.

3. I love to eat with joyful people and I hate to eat with pouty people.

4. I love to watch clean action packed movies and I hate to watch dirty sleasy movies. (so I don’t)

5. I love a clear smooth flowing freeway and I hate gridlock, bumper to bumper inching along freeways.

6. I love to be full and satisfied and I hate to be hungry, craving everything in sight.

7. I love fresh air and I hate cigarette smoke saturated air.

8. I love the texture of tender meat and I hate the texture of liver.

9. I love honesty and I hate deception.

10. I love what Jesus brought to our world and I hate what Satan brought to our world.

If you choose to play this meme let me know and I’ll come by and read your answers…

2 thoughts on “Love and Hate Meme ~

  1. Yours is the first love/hate tag I have read. I think you made a very good list. Most of it I could have said if I had thought about it.
    Ginger tagged me yesterday to tell 15 reasons it’s good to be me. I wrote them today.
    I told my husband what I was trying to do (think of 15 reasons). He said he could think of a million. Wow! That made my day.

  2. Ellen, these are great! Great take on the meme! Yes I understand not liking the word “hate”. I never use it! Thanks for doing the meme. It was sweet of you.

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