Our First Snow of the Season

Here’s what’s happening at my house…


Landscape in Snow


Snowflakes are drifting from heaven
That frost the landscape today;
Myriad scenes of real enchantment
Border long stretches of highway.


Cozy house are wood blocked in white
While woodsmoke ascends like prayer;
The rugged hills wear lacy shawls
As if in an etching rare.

Old red barns are now magical,
Tall, bare oaks stand in filigree;
Pines and hemlocks wearing fine lace
Are, oh, so beautiful to see.

Cold streams are shining ribbons
Beneath a pewter-gray sky,
And the countryside is inspiring
Now that Christmas snowflakes fly!

(Earle J. Grant)


Oh boy does my apple tree need pruning!

We’re all snug and warm inside by the fire enjoying the snow as the flakes pile higher!


Photobucket has blacked out all my photos I was storing on their site and they are holding them hostage. I am working on updating my more than 4000 posts.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “Our First Snow of the Season

  1. Wow! Beautiful pictures.

    Is that sensor dust or falling snow? I see some gray spots/patches in the blank space above the apple tree. Maybe it is just my eyes.

    Hi G. Chai, Since I have no idea what sensor dust is and because I know the snow was falling when I took these, I’m going to say that it’s falling snow. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment..

  2. Ellen—beautiful pictures! Thanks for stopping back by. I have been down in my back since Thanksgiving Day. Worked half of one day last week and have been in the bed after a trip to the NeuroSpine clinic—pinched nerve and muscle spasms…..when I sit…..or lay on my left side. This is the first place I have visited since I have picked up my laptop. I can’t do this for long…but…I so want to visit my sweet buddies in bloggyland! I pray that your Thanksgiving was great—love the snow! Wish we could get some in Florida!

  3. Snow on the patio furniture – seems there ought to be a good caption for those photos! Something ironic or pithy . . .

    Your snowy yard looks wonderfully wintery. Ahhh, I can dream of snow, anyway!

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