Photo Hunters ~ RED ~ Oxnard Santa


This is a huge Santa on a street that runs right along the 101 Freeway in Oxnard, California. I’ve seen it for years but was never tempted to stop by until now because I’m blogging and because the Photo Hunters challenge this week is RED! This Santa is behind a locked wrought iron fence and is maintained by local corporate businesses. There’s a large sign with all the corporate sponsors and you can see the shadow of the fence that it is behind in my collage below. There are cut-outs on the fence of reindeer and a S and a C which you’ll see in the collage below, also.


Fellow Photo Hunters! WordPress is sending my comments straight to Spam for some reason. I’ve commented on all your blogs but my comments do not appear. WordPress is working on the problem for me right now. Update: Yippee wordpress solved the problem!

I’m shamelessly recyling this post for Thursday Photo Challenge where the theme is red also. For more Thursday photo challenge click here.

To see more Photo Hunters click here.

As of June 2017 Photobucket has blacked out all my photos that I had stored there and are holding them hostage. Hopefully I can update my photos on all the posts they have ruined, over 4000 of them.

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64 thoughts on “Photo Hunters ~ RED ~ Oxnard Santa

  1. I have a feeling that I know now why TNChick chose “Red” for today… we’re all dying to see Christmas decoration making their comeback after a long hot summer!!! Great shot! 🙂

  2. Nice Santas ! Here in Belgium we don’t have so many Santas. For the moment the Santa Claus is coming on the 6th and already brings the gifts. Christmas is celebrated with a tree and mostly for the adults (concerning gifts) I celebrate the German way. Tomorrow I will write about it.

  3. This Santa used to be located in Carpenteria, CA, further north on the 101 between here and Santa Barbara. There is a street called Santa Claus lane there and Santa lived there on top of a toy store for many years until new owners could not properly care for his giant presence any longer. He could have been scrapped but someone here in Oxnard made room for him somehow. Merry Christmas to all!

    Hello! thanks for the added info. I’m pretty sure I used to see him in Carpenteria way back when on our trips north from LA…

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