108 Car Pile-up on Highway 99 near Fresno, California

Our road trip to the Fresno area got complicated…

Dear and I left home on Saturday before dawn. We stopped for breakfast in Santa Clarita (hi Ryan, Michelle, and Jack!)

We continued north through the Grapevine after breakfast to get to Highway 99 in Central California. This is pretty much what Highway 99 looks like through Central California.  I took this photo at the city of Goshen.

22 miles North of Goshen on Highway 99 in Central California is where this horrible crash occurred. Thankfully we were a couple hours behind it. We came upon signs on the Highway that said it was closed. We pulled to the right and ended up making a u-turn to get off the freeway using an on-ramp at Manning…that was weird. We called Jim and Jeanie and got alternate directions to their house. None of us found out until late in the afternoon what a horrific pile up had occurred.

“Two people are dead after a massive 108-car pileup on Highway 99, just south of Fresno. The crash happened between American and Clovis Avenues. At least 39 others were injured. The crash flooded local hospitals with victims.”

They believe the accident was caused by low visibility because of fog. Thick seasonal fog known as “Tule fog” typically occurs in Central California in the late fall and winter. To read about Tule fog click here.

Clovis Avenue is the street we ended up taking to get to my cousins house.

Praying that God comforts those who lost their loved ones and that the ones who are injured will heal quickly and for everyone involved that they would be comforted and turn their eyes to our creator…

The northbound highway was still shut down when we headed back home to Southern California.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

4 thoughts on “108 Car Pile-up on Highway 99 near Fresno, California

  1. Ellen, I’m so glad you wrote this – because you are the first person I thought of when I heard it on the news last night, hoping and praying you and Dear were not involved. I join you in prayer for those who were affected.

    Thanks for your message – so glad you are enjoying E. Goudge!

  2. Once drove to see my sister in Clovis, from Santa Clarita, I drove thru that kind of fog. Sudden and very scary!! Thankful for God’s protenction for you with His timing of when you left and how long you took for breakfast!

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