Ventura…Where it all Began, the Bayles/Spiro Friendship and First Hike…

On Sunday Dear and I drove North for a great breakfast at Allison’s Country Cafe in Ventura before we headed to the Ventura Fair Grounds Flea Market. The Flea market was row upon row of stuff,  Antiques, Shabby Chic, New, Old, Furniture, Chotchkies, Jewelery, Treasures and Junk…

The weather was lovely but we got toasted because we forgot our sunblock. Silly Washingtonians in California!


But the real fun treat was to see Two Trees. This was the site of our very first Bayles/Spiro Hike way back in early 1985. We know it was before Katie (Katherine) was born so Jamie was a wee babe…


I stood at this intersection to take the photo of Two Trees. That was quite the infamous hike with Dave, Jody (who we think had her arm in a cast), Lucy, Bridget, Jamie (a baby then), Dear, Ellen, Josh and Dan. Of course the first thing our boys wanted to do was to climb those two trees. We were never exposed to being outdoor type people till we started our friendship with the Spiro’s. We credit them with dragging us along on their outdoor adventures and teaching us the love of being able to tell the story of survival after the fact… God Bless them dearly!

Click to read more about Two Trees.

Any photos missing from my posts are the result of Photobucket blacking out all my photos that I stored on their site since 2006.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

5 thoughts on “Ventura…Where it all Began, the Bayles/Spiro Friendship and First Hike…

  1. don’t you just love those moments when a flood of memories come back? I feel those when traveling the some route as we did years ago.
    How smart that you thought to snap a picture of the same trees.

  2. That was a great memory! I loved hiking this hill, I remember how (Dad I think) stepped in a giant cow pie on accident. Good times!

    Josh, Ha! I asked Dad yesterday if he remembered someone stepping in a pile and he couldn’t recall…love you…

  3. Hey! Just found this. Good times, indeed! I remember my amazement that Josh’s Dad (I just can’t bring myself to use that other name) carried a cooler all the way up to the top. I thought maybe it was a California thing. Great pictures! Great memories!

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