Carpenteria ~ Sunday Drive

After church on Sunday Dear and I took a drive up the coast to the little beach side town of Carpenteria. After we got there we got a great tip on a Mom and Pop run restaurant where we had a wonderful breakfast with thick bacon and bisquits and gravy. If you are ever in Carpenteria we recommend The Worker Bee Cafe. The wife is the waitress and the husband is the cook who we saw come out of the kitchen to make sure he got someone’s order right. We walked along Linden Ave. and browsed through Magpie Antiques, Homestead Antiques, Hollyhock Cottage, and a candy shop called Robitaille’s Fine Candy. We saw some great old houses and the Historic Methodist Church (now Capinteria Valley Baptist) which was built in 1888.

A LOL side note: In order to post these collages with my minimal space on this blog presentation I have to narrow down the photo. When people are in the photos like myself above you get contorted and narrowed also. So my disclaimer is that I’m not that tall, do not have those longer legs, and am not that thin at present 🙂

Carpenteria is home to the largest known Torrey Pine in existence. Torrey Pines naturally occur in just two locations: Santa Rosa Island in the Santa Barbara Channel, and along the coast near La Jolla in San Diego County. Collected in 1888 as a seedling on Santa Rosa Island, Judge Ward planted it on the grounds of his home (Wardholme). This Torrey Pine thrived and reached beyond its 40 to 60ft. height. In 1988 it measured 128 feet tall, 121 feet wide at the crown, and 20 feet in circumference at four feet off the ground. It was an amazing tree to see. We drove over to the Carpenteria Cemetary where majestic towering oaks remain from the ancient oak forest which originally blanketed the Valley. We drove over to the Carpenteria Cemetary before we headed home and saw some great headstones and majestic Oak trees.

This was one of the most interesting headstones we saw. Dr. Samuel Austin Moffett and Mrs. Lucia Fish Moffett were buried on this site. They were moved to the campus of the Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary in Seoul, Korea on April 20, 2006. Dr. Moffett was a pioneer missionary to Korea. He founded and served as the first President of the Seminary from 1903 to 1924.

Thanks for coming along with us to Carpenteria not to be confused with Carpeteria…

Any photos missing from my posts are the result of Photobucket blacking out all my photos that I stored on their site since 2006.

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6 thoughts on “Carpenteria ~ Sunday Drive

  1. Those pictures are fantastic! I love old churches etc. We have a few historic churches in our area. I have never thought about photographing and posting them! I may have to do that! It would be especially neat to see all the different architecture styles from “way back yonder”!
    They should be photographed for our children to see what we were able to see. We have a little village near the Baptist Bible College in Graceville, Florida that was set up–restoring and maintaing some very old buildings. They call it Heritage Village and use the grounds for events of the “olden days”. We have never been able to attend the event, but have gone out there and had some family photos taken a couple of years ago.
    Enjoyed the pictures!!!!

  2. What a great Sunday drive adventure…thanks for sharing. I was interested to learn about the Torrey Pine. I am personally acquainted with the La Jolla Torrey Pines – another great place for a Sunday drive and a climb down the cliff side path to the tide pools below. But I didn’t know about Carpenteria’s tree. . .

  3. Well, visiting a cemetary is a bit different ,,,,and you just didn’t have to confess to the distortion in the pics, you look great with long legs and no tummy!

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