El Tecolote ~ por Bridget!

The Founder of El Tecolote (The Owl) ~ Mike

The Story of EL TECOLOTE:
The El Tecolote story begins in 1946, 50 years ago, in the neighboring community of Moorpark. A young man, fresh out of his World War II Uniform, decided to open a small restaurant, because there weren’t any jobs available and he loved to cook. The night before he opened his new restaurant, the young man, Mike Loza, locked himself inside with a shotgun to make sure no one broke in and spoiled his opening. Mike couldn’t close his eyes – the trees around the restaurant were full of owls! Mexican tradition considers the visit of an owl to be an omen of very bad luck, so to overcome the bad luck sure to follow, Mike promptly named his restaurant El Tecolote, The Owl. Mike moved El Tecolote to Camarillo, in 1948 to a small house a few blocks from its present location. The restaurant was so tiny there was always a long wait for one of the four tables. Finally, a frustrated customer offered to finance a larger building, and the first part of the current restaurant was opened in early 1952. The large dining room was added in 1957. Mike operated El Tecolote for 34 years.

Dear and I enjoy this restaurant. It’s very low key (no frills!). One of the things we think they do that is brilliant is they keep their salsa in those plastic water pitchers and come around and refill your salsa from the pitcher. At other restaurants they have to come take away your little salsa pot then come back with a fresh one. Too much time wasted in my opinion where dry chips are just sitting around waiting to be dipped! Prices here are also more reasonable. I hope you enjoyed this little post Bridget!

My photos are being held hostage at the Photobucket site as of July 2017.

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6 thoughts on “El Tecolote ~ por Bridget!

  1. lv those original ethnic restaurants! The owls are a little different tho instead of strings of fake red peppers or large sombraros (spelling?)

  2. Wow, seeing all those owls was like a flashback to the 70’s. There were everywhere back then… from crafts to dishware. Thanks for sharing the story, I enjoyed the little bit of travel.

    One of our local places keeps their salsa in a pitcher and we’ve appreciated it as much as you!

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