Show and Tell Friday ~ Rescued Mirror from Babushka

  ” Show and Tell Fridays “


My brother had odds and ends from old bedroom sets from our grandparents. When he was moving his household goods to Dallas from Los Angeles several items were destined for Salvation Army. I grabbed this dresser mirror before it was donated. After bringing it to our new little condo we contemplated what we’d do with it. I found the shelf that the candles and sign are on at HomeGoods one day. I hoped it was the right size for the bottom of the mirror. Whoopee, it fit well. Dear fastened it to the bottom of the mirror and we hung it on the wall in the dining room. It gives our room more depth and the shelf is nice for candles to add a nice glow during entertaining. Heritage rescued and now enjoyed.

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20 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday ~ Rescued Mirror from Babushka

  1. I think that was the first thing I commented on when we were at the condo! That and the picture over the sofa that I am coveting!!! 😉

  2. Susan, Kim, Linda, Kathie, Trudi, Marci, Lana, Kelli, LadySnow, and Lyndy,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting…blessings on y’all!

    Leonard, Well in this case you spread the heritage…thanks!

  3. I had a teacher named Mrs. babushka it drew me in to see your mirror. I too like using mirors

    Karen, I’ve never heard that used as a last name…
    Us Russians call our grandmothers Babushka
    Thanks for being drawn in and commenting. Blessings!

  4. So great you were able to rescue the mirror in such a creative and pretty way. I know you enjoy having it in your home.

    Thanks for stopping by Myrna!

  5. The shelf looks like part of the mirror. Too nice! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. Have a wonderful weekend! Amber

    Thanks, Amber!

  6. Just beautiful! I didn’t even realize it was a separate piece until I read you had to buy the shelf! I bet it is gorgeous at night with the reflection of the candles!
    Hi Pam, Thanks for visiting all the way from Florida. Blessings on you…

  7. What a lovely mirror…the shelf adds a nice touch to it…looks as though it has always been there! Thanks for sharing this great mirror!

    Hello Anne or is it Kim :), Welcome and blessings on you…

  8. What a beautiful mirror. I had a bedroom set with a mirror like yours when I was younger. I like what you did with the shelf, so pretty!

    Thanks Lynne, Glad you stopped by…

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