My 100th Post Tag!


To celebrate my 100th Post I am tagging anyone who is reading this to leave a comment telling me (and some of the blogging world) what is on your nightstand table. No fair cleaning it off before you tell. 🙂 I’ve gone ahead leading the way with bravery by taking an unadulterated photo of my nightstand next to my bed in Washington. (Ok, I did make my bed before I took the picture). My nightstand in California is a lot smaller and less cluttered! Come on now, celebrate with me and leave a comment with your list!

Phone, lotion, portable emergency radio, lip balm, pencil, tv remote, lamp, tissues, alarm clock, Books (Byzantium, Stepping Heavenward, Future Grace, Savoring Christ, Bible), notebook, pen, dust.

As of July 2017 Photobucket has blacked out all my photos and is holding them hostage on their site.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “My 100th Post Tag!

  1. glasses
    bobby pins
    big water bottle
    breast feeding cream
    video camera
    stool softener
    iron pills
    photo album
    Oh my goodness I need to clean my room.

    Thanks for playing Bridget…it’s amazing how many pills are added to your nightstand after you have a baby and a hematoma!!!

  2. Congratulations!
    Here we go:
    Washington (Round Table covered with a long skirt):
    Alarm Clock
    Longaberger Basket filled with: Book, Devotional Bible, Notebook, Pencil, Carmex Lip Gel, Kleenex Travel Pack
    California – Antique night table with 3 shelves:
    Top Shelf:
    Rose Mug filled with pens & pencils
    Remote for Ipod/Speakers
    Second Shelf:
    Bible & Notebook
    Third Shelf:
    Books & Alarm Clock
    That’s it!

    Thanks Lana…I guess with the lists wordpress thinks this is spam.

  3. lamp
    box of Kleenex
    disney note pad (of course)
    my new testament from tcl 2 2000
    my sermon/church book for notes
    eldest (book following eragon)
    alarm clock
    Cinderella light up pen
    old movie ticket for little miss sunshine
    a gym time card for the uw ima
    disney woodblock candles
    a little carved car from puerto rico
    spare change
    old bulletins

    Erika, you must have a sizable bedside table! Love the light up pen concept, especially on a bedside table.

  4. Wow, Ellen that is something! Way to go.
    I have on my nightstand:
    frame with a picture of Miss and me
    A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George
    The Laird’s Inheritance by George MacDonad
    Sudoku puzzles

    Kathy, Hope you’re enjoying the Laird’s Inheritance, I have others by MacDonald that I enjoyed even more than that one, blessings…ellen.

  5. wow, I am actually impressed with my self–
    The Message Bible
    NAS Bible
    Toddlerwise (book)
    and my journal

    Sara! I’m impressed with you, too. Blessings!

  6. lamp
    CD alarm clock
    a candle (holding the top down in the cd player alarm clock, since the girls broke it)
    Daily Light (gift from the Spiro’s)
    A top to a sippy cup (no worries, just had water in it)
    Hair band
    caller id box
    and some dust 🙂

    Michelle, Looks like wordpress finally retrieved your comment. Love the creative holder down thingee!

  7. I’m just going to have to post a picture of mine; you’ll laugh when you see it!
    I’ll try to get to it sometime today. I haven’t forgotten about the mall meme, Ellen. I’ve been out of town and today is filled with doctor’s appointments and sundry and tomorrow is the Recipe Round-up ( you ARE posting a recipe, aren’t you?) so I might not get to it right away. But I shall, Lord willing; I promise!
    Busy, busy, busy! : D

    Hi Kim, welcome home I bet you’re busy, no worries! I do have a recipe that I’ll post later today and link to you. Looking forward to that picture…

  8. hmmmm – ok I’ll bite….
    clock radio
    Bible with Journey journel today we read Numbers 26 (by the way check out and go back to April 24th for my devotion 🙂
    The Mark of a Man, by Elisabeth Elliot
    Sacred Marriage, by Gary Thomas
    Instraments in the Hands of the Redeemer, by Paul David Tripp
    and a pen

    Leonard, I love your nightstand. If you haven’t read Paul Tripp’s blog you should. His series of posts on Psalm 51 are great! Now I’m heading over to April 24th!

  9. Congratulations on 100 posts! Looking forward to many more!
    Oh yeah, on my nightstand: alarm clock, my childhood jewelry box, a picture of one of my kids when they were little, a framed copy of our wedding invitation. Pretty boring!

    Lisa, sounds pretty sweet to me. I just realized I don’t think I ever framed my wedding invitation…oops

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