A Spring Like Summer

So far this summer we have had a good amount of rain and it still feels like Spring. Not grumbling just documenting. If this bodes well for a short fire season we will take it!

The plants are enjoying the rain and flourishing.

Our oldest and his bride of 21 years are visiting us this weekend so we are busy with lots of conversation and activities. I’ll be scarce this weekend. Hope you will be enjoying yours.

I’ll leave you with these excerpts from a book I’ve been enjoying called Name above All Names by Alistair Begg and Sinclair B. Ferguson. I highly recommend the book.

“Back again to Sunday School in Scotland! Our teachers used to teach us some of the most amazing songs. They are etched into our memories–and some of them really are marvelous. Here is one that drives home the nitty-gritty, day to day, practical difference it makes to know Jesus is King. In it’s child-friendly, child-attractive fun way (and surely children had fun with Jesus?), it underscores the power of the gospel. It says: “Come on now, you don’t have to be bedeviled and overwhelmed by all these things that are coming at you.” Here are the words:

“Come leave your house on Grumble Street
And move to Sunshine Square
For that’s the place where Jesus lives,
And you’ll be happy there!

Well you say, “That isn’t exactly a brilliant lyric. What were they doing teaching mischievous little boys that kind of poetry?” 

Yes, but we got the message of these choruses. It wasn’t necessary to master a systematic theology textbook to see the point:

“Come on now; we say that Jesus Christ is King . Why then are our faces sad? Jesus Christ is King. Where then is our hope? Jesus Christ is King and Lord; where is our enthusiasm for the Lord Jesus? We do need to leave our house on Grumble Street and move to Sunshine Square. That’s the place where Jesus is. We’ll be happy there.”

Is there a Sunday School song from your memory that pops into your head now and again?