Tuesdays With Moisi ~ The Checkbook

This photo of our parents with grandchildren was taken at our sister Kathy’s house in Whittier. Our sons, Kathy’s daughters and Vera’s daughter and son.

On the deck of our first home in Washington state. My parents came to visit with my sister Kathy and her daughters. Dear’s mom, Verna, was living with us.

Neither of my parents were formally educated. When they came to the USA they had to learn the English language and they also had to pick up reading skills and writing skills. For much of my early childhood my parents used cash for everything. Bills were paid at a store in Montebello that took care of those types of transactions. Water, gas, electricity, phone, etc. all paid with cash. Other payments were made at a bank.

When my parents finally got a checking account to help our pop out I wrote out every transaction he would need to know that he could keep inside his checkbook. I showed him how to fill out a check.

Ten dollars and 50/100

Four hunderd fifty and 00/100 etc. etc.

All in cursive.

It was a long list of possible check amounts that he might need to write.

A long time after I did this he showed me that he still had that sheet where I had written out all those possible check amounts for him. Over the years he learned how this all worked and didn’t need my list anymore but he kept it.

Love the fact that he was known for having his checkbook in his shirt pocket!