Pool Time!

Not for me, none of you will be seeing me in a bathing suit at the pool.  It’s for your own good and then there’s that pride issue that still needs to be mortified in me.

Our two grands are enjoying pool time and need some extra protection from the sun being fair skinned.

This little guy is cutting 3 molars! Yikes. A good night’s rest has not been happening for him or his dear parents.

And this little girl is growing like a weed.

They enjoyed these homemade summer popsicles before their pool time.

This evening we’ll enjoy seeing these 2 with their parents. We’ll have dinner together and then Dear will have some extra help with the a few more steel roof panels. Soon half of the roof of the shop will be completed. Our son has been chipping in whenever he can to help. With the temps warming up it gets harder to work on the roof. I’ll be chasing the two littles!

What are your Friday plans?