The Calm

…before the storm.

This was our view on the way to church yesterday. We traveled on compact snow and ice but. Sunday is a good day to travel in the snow since the roads aren’t as heavy with vehicles. Overnight we added to our snow levels and our temperatures plummeted. Dear woke up to a power outage, I slept through it. The power came back on about 5:35 am. We measured our levels and it looks like we have 14 inches. We have some casualties from the weight of the snow. Branches have fallen and one of our bird houses is tilting. When I woke up we were at 10 degrees and we are suppose to have a high of 18 degrees. Brrr.

Our kids who live 8 miles from us on the other side of town are without power. Remember that when us country folk are without power it means we have no water, either. Our water sources are wells and they need electricity to pump the water to our homes. Our kids on the coast got 5-6 inches overnight, too. That will cause more havoc then our side of the mountains. The skies are bright right now and it is beautiful.

These are photos off my phone that I could upload from Facebook. My big camera photos aren’t uploading this morning.

Great day for snow shoeing and freezing our faces off.

Happy Monday everyone!