A Silver Lining…

I am happy to report that there was a silver lining in our clouds of discomfort from Sunday because we woke up to the fact that we could not get internet service.

Today we were able to take the modem and the power source to our local technician in town instead of waiting for a service appointment. He determined the problem was the power source which was caput not the modem. Dear came home with the same modem and a new power source and everything is back up and running. We are thrilled it only took a day instead of a week and that it did not cost us anything.

A very good start to our week.  How is the start to your week?

Our Modem Died…

Hopefully there will be a silver lining in the fact that our modem went caput and being in the country it will be at least a week we are told before we can get a technician out to make sure we aren’t mistaken about the death of our modem. We can’t call the technician until Monday.

So all that to say. You will not hear anything from me until this is resolved. I’ll miss visiting this week. Hope you all have a good one!