Auntie Meets Her Niece

Addyson May is Katie’s first niece. The photo on the right is at their initial meeting right after we made our drive from Seattle to Northeastern Washington. We made a stop in Spokane to pick up some food for dinner for us all to share from Costco. Our next stop was at the Home Depot to pick up a new toilet which is one of the projects that were planned for Dear and Dan while we are staying with them. You should have seen us rearranging the back of the RAV4 to fit the toilet in and then to use our Tetris skills to get all our belongings and gifts and other project goods back in the car! We did it and Katie wasn’t too squished in the back seat!

On Friday we got to have lots of chillin and cuddling time while the guys worked in the wood shop installing more lights and then they installed the new toilet. Uncle Andrew is still waiting to meet his niece. The University is keeping him too busy for trips across the mountains.

Infant hands and infant feet are the best.

The winds were howling and thunderstorms blew through on Friday. When things cleared up in the afternoon we took a nice walk. I’ll show some photos from the walk soon. I’ve been taking a morning shift holding Addy while mommy and daddy sleep for a good couple of hours. It’s very quiet during that time and nice to see the dawning of a new day and good to thank God and say some prayers for family and friends near and far.

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;
    in the morning I lay my requests before you
    and wait expectantly.

On this Palm Sunday my heart goes out to the people of Egypt and the senseless bombings that killed so many who were gathered to remember our Lord’s Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem. Such sorrow for the police officers who died stopping the suicide bomber from entering another church. They were doing their job heroically. May God comfort all who lost loved ones. Maranatha…