Our Country Bungalow ~ Before and After

I’ll start with some good old photos of our home past seasons…

Such a sweet memory of Addy bringing me a bouquet of flowers on my birthday. Old door color, new door color.

Before and after…


We put our summer shade cloth up on Thursday.

Front and Back in the new colors.

Dear also removed the outdoor light fixtures and painted them white. They were a gold finish that was not in great shape.

There is still a little touch-up on the white trim that needs to be done. Dear also had to take out the decking closest to the house to put in flashing so the rain water wouldn’t soak the siding and destroy it. That set him back a few days.

We are happy with the new look. The paint is Teton Blue by Behr.

The new view for all the south bound traffic that drives by with the clearest view of our home.

It took almost 6 gallons of paint. We have enough paint left over to redo the south side of the house in a few years. That’s the side that gets the most sun and other weather beating.

We have moved into the last week of July. Time is ticking away. Predictions this week are for temps to get upwards to 100 degrees and above. We’ll be working very early in the morning and staying inside in the heat of the day.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a good week.

Friday Tidbits

Painting continues on Our Country Bungalow and Dear is doing an great job as usual.

Soon I’ll be able to show before and after all the way around the house. The new colors are Teton Blue with white trim. We purchased a 5 gallon bucket of the Teton Blue and we might need one more gallon.

My photos aren’t uploading this evening so I’ll try again tomorrow.

The small businesses in our little town are having sidewalk sales. They started on Thursday and continue till Saturday. After I was done at the hairdressers on Thursday I stopped by and walked Main street to see what I could see. I bought greeting cards for 50 cents each and a handmade soft simple leather wallet that fits in a pocket. I’ll use that little wallet on walks instead of taking my purse. There is a new little shop in town that I made two more purchases from that I’ll show photos of soon.

This photo popped up in my memories on Facebook this week from July of 2009. Me and my daughter transformed our patio gazebo into a Moroccan dining room for a bridal shower. Katie’s friend was into all things Moroccan. So much has changed for all of these young ladies since 2009. This was at our home in Kenmore.

Back to the present. After our very busy times last weekend we are heading into a quieter weekend with only painting, mowing and church on the schedule. What is happening in your corner of the world?