Valentine’s Day Antique Postcards

Dear’s Great Great Aunt Emma received these postcards over the years. The postmarks are from 1901 to 1909. She had quite a collection of postcards for every holiday and birthdays and from around the world.

We have some special things planned around Valentine’s Day. Baking cookies with grands tomorrow. We will be eating in not out on Friday. Are you doing anything special?

Easter Greetings

These antique postcards are all from the early 1900’s. They were sent to Dear’s Great Great Aunt Emma from friends and family.

This one was hard to read so I added the wording.

Getting ready to think on and celebrate Resurrection Sunday and the days leading up to it like Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

May He who rose on Easter morn descend in love and keep and bless all who visit here.

Grandpapa or Gramps?

Maybe even grandfather or grandpa.

Time will tell what Addy decides to call him but in the meantime they are having some nice conversations.

I’m reading many of your posts because that is easy to do while holding an infant but I cannot leave a comment easily because that involves two hands and my hands and lap are occupied several hours during the day. Here in Eastern Washington we’re making plans for Easter day and when Dear and I return home we’ll have a belated Easter celebration with our other kids.

For now I’ll leave you with an Easter postcard from Dear’s Great Great Aunt Emma’s stash from the early 1900’s.