Marine Mosaic Blue!

AND RUBY, TOO! I’m adding this to Ruby Tuesday with Mary at Work of the Poet.


Our daughter is in love with a Marine. She and I are going to be traveling to South Carolina via the Savannah airport in late September to witness his graduation. It will be our first trip to the South and minus the humidity and mosquitoes we’re looking forward to the trip. She found this fleece fabric and made a blanket for him. Projects have been a good way for her to pass the time since snail mail is the only communication they have these days. I’m glad she gets to experience the wonderful art of letter writing and the anticipation of receiving a letter in the mail.

Please pray for my daughter’s marine Andrew as he’s being pushed to his physical and mental limits and pray for all our guys out there serving us and our country!  Thank you. I’ll give him a hug for all of you when I see him in September.

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