Mini Book Tour Mosaics ~

The Mennonite Girls had a very busy Saturday with 6 Canadians traveling across the border from Canada to the U.S.A. Saturday morning.  6 Canadians plus 1 American traveling across the line to Canada Saturday afternoon and 1 American traveling back to the U.S.A. Saturday evening.  Did you follow that?

First stop was at the Bellingham, Washington Barnes and Noble store. I drove north from the Seattle area to join my Canadian friends who traveled south across the border. It was a nice relaxed time of signing books and talking to old friends and new friends. One of our bloggy friends who we had never met face to face, Debora from(Whatsovever Things Are Lovely), stopped by and we had a great time chatting about blogs and adventures we’d like to have in the future.  A dear friend of mine from our former church who lives in the Bellingham area stopped by to have her book signed. Such a fun surprise to see her. Kathy had 2 elderly relatives stop by. They were so sweet and it was so much fun listening to them.

Debora is standing with me behind the girls. In the lower photos in the mosaic are Kathy’s relatives and my friend Cindy.

After our time at Barnes and Noble we decided to stop at the Olive Garden in Bellingham and have some lunch before we all headed across the border to Canada. We had the all you can eat soup and salad. What a great deal for a good meal. Next stop Ten Thousand Villages in Vancouver, Canada.

This and the next mosaic are a combination of both of our book signing stops. The employees at both venues were wonderful. The new friends we met that have enjoyed cooking the recipes in our book were very encouraging. We were blessed to hear stories of courage and success in coming to a new country and thriving. We also heard of goals in the future that were an inspiration.

In this mosaic the top photo is from Ten Thousand Villages on Commercial in Vancouver and the bottom two are from Barnes and Noble in Bellingham.

While we were busy out here in the West our two Prairie Girls were signing books at the Henderson Ten Thousand Villages.

It was a full wonderful day of fun and fellowship.

The girls dropped me off at my car in Canada at a little after 7 P.M. I headed for the border and had one of my best border crossings ever. I stopped at the booth and handed the U.S. Border Agent my passport. He asked me the typical questions. When he asked me why I was in Canada I said I was at a book signing at Ten Thousand Villages. He asked me if I was an author. I told him I was one of 10. He asked me what the name of the book was. I told him Mennonite Girls Can Cook. He smiled real big and said, my wife follows you girls and has made a lot of good stuff. He then patted his Kevlar vest and said he’s put on some weight. I smiled and said, me, too.  Ha! He said wait until I tell my wife…

I’m joining with Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

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A Little Book Tour ~

I’m getting ready for a special road trip on Saturday.

If you live in Washington State come on up to the Bellingham Barnes and Noble on Guide-Meridian and join several of the Mennonite Girls at our book signing.

The girls and I will be there from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon. After that we are hopping in our cars and crossing the border for a book signing at Ten Thousand Villages on Commericial in Vancouver, B.C.

Did you know this year marks the 65th Anniversary for Ten Thousand Villages? Yes, it has been sixty-five years that Ten Thousand Villages has been changing the lives and well-being of disadvantaged producers by linking and promoting Fair Trade organizations and speaking out for greater justice in the world.

To mark this great occasion the staff and volunteers at TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES on COMMERCIAL DRIVE invite you to come and help us celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Ten Thousand Villages this SATURDAY, October 1st. All day, from 10am-9pm, we will have lots of music and cake! Plus, there will be tattoos and balloons for the kids. At 4:00pm some of the authors from Mennonite Girls Can Cook will be at the store to sign copies! How awesome is that?

We hope you will come and celebrate with us! Please help us continue the mission that was started 65 years ago by one woman. Support Ten Thousand Villages this Saturday. Support fair trade. Make a difference.