Morning Visitor

Outside, inside, all around the yard. JJ and Baba had fun for several hours on Friday while mommy and Addy joined Granny and Granny Great to help at their garage sale. Sales went well and not having charming, busy JJ made life easier on everyone. Addy had a great time selling things and people even offered her change just for being cute.

Hope y’all are having a good Labor Day Weekend.


Gramps and I got to babysit last week so that Addy and Jaymison’s mommy and daddy could have a much needed time away together. It was only 2 hours but I’m sure it was refreshing for them.

We were entertained by the two of them. Be forewarned this will be a photo overload!

They woke up from their naps and were not distressed that mommy and daddy were not home. That’s always a relief.

We stayed a little while after mommy and daddy came home and enjoyed some dinner together.

We figured out a short term solution to my uploading photo problem. I’m taking my computer to Dan and Jamie’s when we visit there and using their more efficient internet to get my photos onto my blog. I’m amazed at the ease of this process at their place compared to ours. They have line of sight internet whereas we are stuck with satellite for the time being. Hoping for a future tower with line of sight from our country bungalow.

Our county has moved to stage 2 guidelines and some restaurants are opening at 50% capacity, single use menus, disinfecting after each customer, etc. etc.  Our family’s stage 3 status is a personal move not a statewide move. Our Eastside family even when our daughter-in-laws people gather with us is just nine of us, not counting Addy and Jaymison. For the most part we will just be getting together with the six of us, Dear, me, Dan, Jamie, Addy and Jaymison. We feel comfortable with this.