One for the Books!

A couple weeks before Addy’s first birthday party we had a little photo shoot. Turns out it was a good idea since Addy was busy with her guests, presents and cake on her party day.

We had a nice sunshiny day for our photos.

This is Addy’s Great Uncle Scott’s chair from when he was a little guy.

Fast forward to the party day and of course our little 1 year old must have sensed the excitement of the day and refused to take a nap on her own so we had to work out some sleep time creatively.

The guests arrived and kept Addy entertained.

She opened her presents with flair.

She enjoyed the Happy Birthday song and mooshed her cupcake covered with yogurt frosting.

Oops, a fair amount was rubbed into her hair. I didn’t take photos of the Baked Potato bar which had many yummy toppings. We were asked to bring a t-shirt or something like it to tie-dye for a party favor. I didn’t take photos of the tie dying, either, but the results were great and something fun to remember Addy’s 1st birthday with.

Meanwhile back at this old house we continue with the selling, packing and staging. Our first shipping container arrives on Thursday. Yikes! We’re finding some things that are bringing back some great memories. If you don’t hear anything new from me you will know I’m knee deep in boxes.

Happy Birthday Addy!

Today our little miss Addy is one year old. Wow did this year zoom by. It’s amazing to see the leaps in growth and development of our little granddaughter.

Happy Birthday Addy. Baba and Gramps love you dearly. We pray that God will bless you and keep you and give you a heart to follow Him. We are looking forward to your birthday party on Saturday!