-strikingly unconventional.

When Dear and I were on Bainbridge Island in March we came across these quirky structures.

Q is for Quirky and I’m adding this post to ABC Wednesday started by Denise Nesbitt and continued by the great ABC Team!

Here’s my Bible Verse for the letter Q!

Speaking of the letter Q, I’m on a quest for the next couple months to drop some of my “fluff” before our son’s wedding the end of June. I feel like I deserve a medal only after two weeks of de-fluffing. I am way more fond of feasting than fasting. In reading Shauna Niequist’s book, Bread and Wine (a love letter to life around the table with recipes), her chapter on feasting and fasting resonated with me and helped me finally get on with a “fasting” time in my life. She uses the term fasting loosely meaning the opposite of feasting not the traditional fasting where for spiritual reasons you have set aside a time where you only have broth and juice. There are times in my life where it’s appropriate to feast and times when it’s appropriate to fast. My fasting consists of only having a certain amount of calories per day. Even in this short two month quest there are events where it’s not appropriate for me to fast, like when my kids take me out for Mother’s day this coming Saturday. Life goes on. I know at the end of this quest I’ll feel more like a Queen for the day in my mother of the groom dress.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’m saving my calories for Tequila Tuesday at our local Mexican restaurant tonight.