Surgery Today

I took some photos of Dear in the hospital to text to our kids and our family and friends. This first one is of him in ICU at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane on Saturday night. Our son Dan and I were with him for as long as they let us stay in ICU before we left him in good hands and headed to our hotel to check in.

In this one (Sunday November 6th) he is still in ICU waiting for a room on the Vascular floor of the hospital. Our daughter Katie and her hubby Andrew arrived on Sunday morning flying into Spokane. They were going to drive over on Saturday as soon as they got the word that Dear had a stroke but both passes between us and them were closed due to snow accumulations and hazardous conditions. Auntie Lana used her airline miles to fly them over early Sunday morning. Thank you to my generous sister for doing that.

The hospital only allows 2 people to visit at a time so we alternated our visits so Dan, Katie, Andrew and I could spend time with him.

Jamie drove to Spokane on Sunday with our grands to pick up Dan and head back home before the snow that was predicted started to fall. It was good to be able to see them and give them hugs. Jamie is amazing and brought some snacks and homemade cookies and banana bread for us all to enjoy.

Late Sunday Dear was finally moved to the vascular floor and Katie and I were with him when he was moved to his new room. When visiting hours were over Andrew picked Katie and me up and we had a relaxing dinner at a local restaurant before we settled in for the night.

While we slept Sunday night into Monday snow fell. I took the photo above out our hotel room window. Andrew needed to fly home on Monday morning for some work responsibilities. He tried booking an UBER to the airport but then they canceled so I drove him to the airport. Happy we have our snow tires on and the car does well in snowy conditions. Katie and I were proud of ourselves for putting our big girl pants on and driving in the slippery conditions. When we got back to our hotel we parked the car and decided to walk to the hospital. That walk was under 5 minutes. We walked like a penguin through the ice and snow.

Dear was very happy to be out of ICU. Doesn’t he look better already?

Katie and I spent all day on Monday with Dear. We had lunch at the hospitals cafeteria. Dear had a quiet day and was able to take a shower. The photo above is of him quite pleased after that shower!

Our son Josh and Laura had landed in Cancun when Dear had his stroke. We have been communicating back and forth with them with all the information we receive.

Visiting hours are strictly enforced and are between 9am and 6:45 PM in rooms other than ICU. Katie and I will head over at 9am today and spend some time with Dear before they start prepping him for surgery. Dan and Jamie are driving back down here today to spend some time with him before surgery, too. Jamie’s mom is watching the grands while Dan and Jamie travel to the hospital.

Thank you so much to all of you for your encouraging comments and for the prayers you offer up on our behalf. We feel those prayers and are thankful for the peace that God is giving us as we head into this new chapter in our lives. There are hurdles ahead for us and changes that we hadn’t anticipated but we move forward with the God of the Universe who gives us the strength to carry on.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

19 thoughts on “Surgery Today

  1. Looks like you are keeping your spirits up and Dear looks cheerful too. You are a few hours behind us so good luck for later on today. B xx PS love the snowy photo.

  2. Hello,
    Your hubby looks very cheerful. It is great you have some family members there with you. The snow scene is pretty. I hope all went well with the surgery and your husband recovers quickly. Take care, enjoy your day!

  3. Yes, Greg is looking positively chipper. It is great to see his grin. Very happy that your family has been able to gather and be of such good help. Praise God for family! Now if the weather will cooperate.

    Praying for every single thing regarding this surgery to go extremely well. May the supernatural peace of God comfort each one. It is wonderful that you feel the prayers.


  4. Thank you Ellen for these updates on Greg, and the pictures! He looks great! Challenging to say the least to have surgery and snow and cold weather too! Every day Steve and I pray for Greg, as yes, after surgery there will be changes in your lives going forward. But, God is good! Protecting and watching over Greg, you, and all of your family. Sending our prayers and love for a successful surgery today! 🙏 🙏❤️❤️ Pat +Steve

  5. Sorry to hear of this sudden event! God goes before, He knows all about it and is showing His care. Adding my prayers for successful surgery and quick, complete recovery!

  6. I missed the previous post, but went back and read it. I’m glad that you recognized something was wrong – he looks far too healthy and happy to be in a hospital bed now. I pray that his recovery will continue and that he will regain the lost strength in his hand.

  7. It is wonderful how your whole family rallies around to help. God bless you all.
    Praying all goes well with the surgery and a quick recovery.

  8. Dear Ellen, just caught up on your news and the emergency event. A scary thing to go through, but all praises to our amazing God for his love and care in all the details! I add my prayers to everyone else’s for Dear’s recovery and for this new phase in your life together and for all your family. Love to you all.

  9. I am so very late to this, and I will read all of the subsequent posts to get the update. Please know that I, too, will pray for not only a full and quick recovery but for strength for all of your family. And I am impressed that you guys took that walk in the new fallen snow. That’s not always so easy!

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