The Flying Saucer

Something odd appeared in a field across the road and to the north of us…

…a flying saucer that raised lots of questions in our heads.

The saucer is between the two middle trees far off in the distance.

One day after Dear crossed the road to get the mail he walked further north to inspect it. He met a new neighbor who filled him in on the story behind this bit of yard art.ย  This new neighbor commissioned someone to build this Flying Saucer for him. Before the Flying Saucer arrived we watched a shop/barndominium go up and lots of vehicles arrive. Don’t know if a house will be built on this piece of land or if the neighbor has made a place to live inside the shop.

Country/rural properties lend themselves to odd yard art and just plain junk yards. I’d rather see a flying saucer instead of some of the junk piled up on properties around here. You can see pristine properties to junkpile properties along our roads. I keep threatening to find an unusual piece of yard art to stick in our front acreage. I’m not really sure I want to draw unwanted attention to our property, though.

Have a good new week y’all.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

20 thoughts on “The Flying Saucer

  1. What a cool thing in your corner. Wouldn’t want to see it in mine because I have a neighbor two doors down who has created a fence around his property with old tires. Further, he has painted his house bright purple with silver trim. Yes, I am dealing with enough. ๐Ÿ˜



  2. Quite whimsical! It does make a good conversation piece. And as you say, it’s a lot better than other piled up junk, rusty cars, fridges and who knows what else. Have you heard of Ricardo Breceda and his sculptures in the Anza-Borego Desert? He could fix you up with something really remarkable!! If you don’t mind all the attention, that is. The grandkids would surely love it though.

  3. I think this particular yard art sculpture is fun — and I could live beside it with no problem, but I have seen plenty of the kind you mention that I would rather not see every day! There’s a perfect space somewhere between living with the “beige police” (as my son called their HOA where their housing development had super-strict rules) and living without any boundaries at all. (I suppose that could be extended as a metaphor for life as well as for yard decorating now that I think of it).

  4. I like Rosella’s idea of a barn quilt. From what I know, they don’t even involve sewing. I’m sure your ‘Dear’ could paint you a fine shop quilt! I was wondering about the story behind the flying saucer. Interesting!

    • Judy, this neighbor commissioned someone to build that for him and paid $10,000. That bit of information stunned me. I’m sure his children are wondering what he might do next with his money. Yikes! That’s one expensive piece of yard art.

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