The Chaos of T-ball

There is a lot to learn at your very first T-ball game. One of the things is that when you are outfield you should wear your mitt not hold it.

Now we are ready, kind of.

Up to bat for the first time.

Safe on base but now what do I do.


Run Addy Run!

Up to bat for the second time and she’s got form!

Safe at first. Who’s on second?

Time to run again.

Safe on second.

Run to third. Run Addy Run. It’s okay to smile…

I see that smile forming.

And that’s T-ball. A learning experience with lots of laughs. So much to learn for a five year old. The highlight of the game was of course the treats for all the players when the three innings were over.

JJ was in my lap during the game so getting photos was an interesting challenge. It was fun to hear him cheering on his sister…’run Addy, run Addy!’ He had a lot to learn too, because he was cheering her on to run when she was outfield, too.

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11 thoughts on “The Chaos of T-ball

  1. Good job, Addy! randchildren’s sports are so much fun to watch and see their skills develop plus to see them do teamwork and cheer each other on!

  2. Adorable! I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this post . . . watching Addy, and remembering my Ryan and his teammates doing similar things. T-ball is fun to watch!

  3. This reminds me of watching Jack! I wish I could have learned the basics at such a young age. I was an imigrant at age ten and when we played at school, everyone but me seemed to know the rules, so I made myself scarce… always going to the back of the line and feeling totally at a loss when in outfield.

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