Choose Joy!

Photo Credit: Auntie Lolo!

Note to self; Don’t grumble or murmur. The Holy Spirit has been working on my heart and mind through God’s Word about that habit of complaining. In my daily readings in reading the Bible through in a year we are in Exodus reading about the Children of Israel and how Moses had to deal with Pharaoh. I’ll share the last paragraph for February 19th in Allistair Begg’s new devotional called Truth For Life. Guilty as charged! If you are a Believer you’ll understand…

“We have faith in Christ, we’ve been set free from slavery to sin- even our complaining! We’ve been liberated by a sacrifice: the shedding of Christ’s blood on the cross. And we too have set out on a journey, not to Canaan but to Heaven. In light of that, God has given us both wonderful promises and necessary warnings. Do not presume upon His provision or grumble about the route He leads you on, but instead be filled with gratitude for all He has provided materially and spiritually. The cross lies behind you, heaven lies before you, and the Spirit dwells within you. There is not need, or excuse for grumbling.”

Asking forgiveness and for the help I need to identify, recognize when I’m slipping into murmuring. Read that word out loud and listen to your speech and see if it sounds similar. Ouch. Mur…mur…ing…

Hope this helps you like it has helped me. Looking forward to what lies ahead!

Happy Saturday.

We are getting ready for breakfast for seven of our family that will be together on this side of the mountains until Monday. Uncle Joshie, Auntie Lolo, Jamie, Addy, JJ, me and Dear will enjoy Dear’s labor of love, Swedish Pancakes. Adding some little smokies and sliced oranges to the breakfast table!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “Choose Joy!

  1. Oh yes, that is something I need to work on too! We can’t murmur when we are grateful for His gifts. It helps me to remember that if I murmur, I am saying to the Lord that I am unhappy with what He has given me . . . as if I know what is best for me!

  2. That’s been the challenge put out by our pastor as well. How much do we grumble? or Murmor?
    I need to check myself. It’s been so easy to relate to the Children of Israel during this pandemic.

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