Before and After ~ Master Bedroom

The day we moved in, September 2018. Happy to see the house was vacuumed.

Progress and it stayed close to this until last week when Dear got inspired to paint. We’ve had the paint since 2018 but the bedrooms and guest bath had not been painted. All the other living spaces have been painted.

I didn’t get a great shot while Dear was painting but once the ceiling got some fresh paint on it the rest of the walls looked really yellowed to us.

And now in 2021 this is the new look in our bedroom. Next on the list in this room is changing out the closet doors for pull out style as opposed to sliders.

We are happy with the new look.

Dear finished painting one of our guest bedrooms this week, too. I’ll do a before and after as soon as I get all the bedding back on the bed. I’m a fortunate gal to have a hard working guy who is a painting pro, too.

Today I’ll be mowing our acreage for the last time this year, I think it will be the last mow. The weather has changed and grass growth is slowing. I’d like to get it done early so I can go to Junk Drunk before the rains come our way.

Here’s the description of the event:

Our Vintage & Shopping Market “Junk Drunk” will be held in Colville, Washington at the N.E. Washington Fairgrounds Ag-Trade Center and Dairy Barn. Join us and our wonderful group of vendors with all their wares and amazing treasures! You are sure to find some great “Junk”! Our Vendors will be selling Vintage items, Jewelry, Home Decor, Home Goods, Salvage, Art, Handmade items, Bath items & More!

Hope your Friday is a funday!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Before and After ~ Master Bedroom

    • I’ve questioned that from the beginning, Sandi, about the name of this event. Don’t get it either unless some people’s heads spin around junk…I mean vintage stuff. My brain wants to say Junk Trunk…

  1. Hi Ellen,

    Your master bedroom looks terrific!! You are a lucky gal — good painters are hard to come by. 😀 My husband is hard-working, but he does not like to paint. Most of our rooms will be re-painted (I hope) next year. Your wall color is so pretty; it gives the room a clean, crisp look. I love the way you’ve done your curtains! It feels good to get these kinds of projects done, doesn’t it?

    I hope you’ve had a good summer and hope you enjoy your weekend!!

    Best wishes,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. Looks great! You are very blessed with a handy husband who paints walls AND ceilings.

    My lawn gets mowed for the last time in November, unless it snows first. 🥴

  3. What a beautiful transformation in the bedroom. We painted the whole house before we moved in. Truthfully, we hired someone…
    I think we are going to have several more mowings before it’s time to put the mower away. My garden is still going strong.
    Enjoy your fun Saturday!

  4. Is the paint color the same as the main living space? I remember really liking that color. It makes whites pop and looks really good with black (as in rod iron decor). Your home is very welcoming! I’m so glad we came when we could.

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