You May Not Enter

This mama deer stepped up onto our deck and was resting on our patio rug. This is the first time something like that has happened. We didn’t want to frighten her and have her kick at the glass slider.

Thankfully she turned around and went on her way.

We were told that this is probably a doe with a nursing fawn and that is why her ribs are exposed. I didn’t research that so not sure if that’s true.

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12 thoughts on “You May Not Enter

  1. Too close for comfort. Course she is cute. But still. Some years ago, our local newsman had a deer run right through the patio door at his house, He yelled for his wife to close the inner door, keep the kids safe, and call for help. Meanwhile the deer was bouncing around his living room and he was hiding behind the couch. Scariest thing he had ever experienced. Watch out out there!

    • Vee, we’ve seen those videos of deer running right through a pane of glass and that was the last thing we wanted. Having a duck come into the house once in the past was bad enough!

  2. Those ribs were the very first thing to pop out at me! I thought, “Oh, my goodness…she’s starving to death in this heat!” We live amongst the deer here, but I don’t know what would cause her ribs to stick out, either. I’m just glad all ended well!

  3. We’ve had this happen. Deer can be curious and they are always looking for food and water so she might have smelled something good in your home. Even though some people might tell you to feel sorry for her and give her food, please never feed a deer or you will find they do not go away and will attract other deer to your yard. They find enough food in the wild, even in winter. Very few will starve unless they have a disease called “chronic wasting disease.” That disease is sadly increasing in deer and elk in certain places.

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