Water Fun

We bought this inflatable pool from Wal-Mart during our one hundred degree + temps and last week when the Colville kids came for dinner we had the Grands try it out.

The air was hot the well water was cold.

It took awhile for sister to make the commitment to step all the way in. They came out to warm up wrapped in a towel and then they would head back in for more cold fun.

The next day at the river they had more water fun.

We kept the pool up and inflated with water in it just in case the deer could use a drink and today we spied one drinking for a long while. I’ll share some deer photos on another day.

Addy and JJ started swimming lessons on Monday at the city pool.

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15 thoughts on “Water Fun

  1. Our neighbor has a pool like this and the children love it! It is also nice that your deer enjoyed a cool drink. Beautiful photos from the river, also.

  2. Aw – so much fun!!! How sweet of you to leave some water for the parched animals. Praying for heat and fire relief! Our kids are slipping and sliding down the barn hill water slide these warm days.

    • Lorrie, for a while there were no pools available and then Wal-Mart go these in. Larger than what we were thinking of for the kids but we are happy to have it.

  3. Water is so refreshing on a hot day! It certainly has been a summer for pools and sprinklers. We have a bird bath in our garden and I sometimes see the deer drinking from it

  4. What a great pool! I know my grands bought the last inflatable pool at Walmart during that crazy hot spell.

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