First Haircut!

This little 2 year old needs a haircut.

An appointment was made on Monday May 10th! He looks pretty cool in his upside down shades waiting on the porch of the salon.

He was very unhappy and shed some tears until they pulled out a lollipop. Then all was right with the world.

A very nice little boy cut. He’s growing up so fast. Sigh…

This morning I’m JJ sitting while sister and mama have something to do without little brother tagging along.

Not much planned for the weekend which is fine with me. Do you have plans?

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14 thoughts on “First Haircut!

  1. That all-important first haircut!!!!! So cute, even with the anticipated and delivered tears. I still occasionally bring out the little lock of hair from my son’s first cut. It’s so special to me as a rite of passage for all little boys. I’m glad a lollipop 🍭 made things more palatable for him!

  2. Awww — such a big boy (I know, mixed feelings!). Our two-year old great-grandson has beautiful curls, he got a haircut that kept them and I was glad. (I am –silently — betting that his baby sister probably won’t get those curls..)

  3. What a handsome little dude! The hair cut suits him! Not much planned over here with the lock down now extended till at least June 2nd – eek! Will be picking stones at the farm tomorrow (actually the worst farm job ever but needs to be done). Thankfully the corn fields are planted and the flower beds are edged – at least for the most part! Have a fabulous weekend.

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