Border and Back

Uploading my photos was possible on Monday morning. The route that is highlighted in yellow was the road we took to get to the US/Canadian Border at Laurier. The following photos show some highlights along the way.

We are now on Highway 395 going north toward Kettle Falls and beyond.

The bridge across the Columbia River.

United States Post Office in Laurier, Washington. We made a u-turn here since the Border is still closed between the U.S.A. and Canada except for certain essential travel.

Dear spotted the burl on this tree as we passed and we turned around to get a closer look.

burl is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner. It is usually found on the trunk, at the base of the tree, and sometimes underground in the form of a rounded outgrowth. It is caused by some kind of stress, such as injury, virus, fungus, insect infestation or mold growth.

We pulled off the highway in Orient to get a closer look at this building.

The Kettle River.

Back to the bridge across the Columbia River towards home this time.

Back to views of the valleys of Colville. We enjoy knowing where the roads lead around our country bungalow.

Monday was a warm winter day and I was able to clear out several of the plant/flower beds getting them ready for Spring. My back keeps reminding me that I did that but I’m still happy for that progress.

Tuesday we are scheduled for our Heat Pump repair which is supposed to take all day. Here’s hoping all goes well.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Border and Back

  1. This was really interesting Ellen … I thought I would at least recognize every city/town name in Washington, even if we hadn’t been there . (After all, I got an A+ in Ninth Grade Washington History/Geography! Lol)*. But Laurier and Orient and that border crossing itself are new to me. It was a pretty and interesting drive from your home ! (*I wonder if Washington History is still taught there in our native State? We moved to Oregon when our kids were younger than that. They didn’t get Oregon history!).

    • Sallie, both Dear and I were born and raised in Southern California so there is a lot we need to learn about Washington State history! Laurier is tiny. Orient seemed to be the largest little town on the last 25 miles of 395. It has a school and a few other services the other small towns lack.

  2. That looks like a beautiful drive . . . and how nice to mostly have the road to yourselves!

    I first read that you were having your “heart pump” repaired 👀, so I was happy to go back and see the true story!! 😊

  3. A very interesting drive you took us on Ellen. Beautiful scenery! I have seen photos of trees with burls but have never actually seen one or read how it is formed. Fascinating! Good luck with your heat pump.

  4. Such beautiful country. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I really enjoyed your post. Hope all goes well with the repairs. Have a great day.

  5. What lovely country surrounds your home, Ellen! The snow capped mountains are so pretty. The burl on the pine is quite large. It must have been quite an issue for this tree, but it persevered. Must be a lesson there. Hope your heat plant is all back to normal by now.

  6. That was some nice ride and you got some fantastic pictures of it. That is quite a burl!
    Hope all went well with getting your new heat pump installed and all is warm and cozy.

  7. Thank you for the drive out around your region. I followed the route map too. You live in a beautiful area with wonderful scenery. What impressed me was the clear highway despite the surrounding snow which must have made it easier to travel some distance. I noticed the railway track and rail bridge. I think a train journey through the mountains would be an equally amazing experience. I’m glad you got some outdoor yard work done and hope the heat pump got fixed.

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