More Lockdowns…

We learned while we were at church this morning of the new lockdowns that our governor is instigating. We are concerned for the restaurants in our area and how they will survive this latest mandate. After church we headed to El Ranchito in Chewelah to support them with this next looming mandate. The above photo is on our drive home from Chewelah to Colville.

We will keep trying to buy local and keep our businesses afloat during this difficult time.

I would really enjoy a hot tub right about now as I’m sure many small business owners would enjoy, too.

In the meantime we will be thankful for all the luxuries afforded to us living in the country.

Here I sit pain free with all the comforts of home which makes me cry out to God for those we know right now who are suffering in hospitals, after surgeries, one with COVID and others enduring chemotherapy treatments and their side effects that are so painful. And another who will have a procedure on Monday. God almighty and the God of all comfort and to the God who heals I pray for Ruth, Tom, Barbara, Kristin and Melissa. Heal and hold and encourage each one.

Our Father who art in heaven…what a privilege to bring our requests to you…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “More Lockdowns…

  1. These are difficult days for so many. Although I chafe at the restrictions (not as severe as yours), I know that we are so fortunate to have homes and jobs and food to eat when many are suffering the loss of those things. It makes me think of how we can help others and share with them, as Christ would do. I hope your state’s restrictions result in flattening that curve!

  2. I am sad for restauranteurs–my father was in that business all his life and it is very hard enough to make a profit in good times– but I am even more concerned for overcrowded hospital ICU’s that can not take in more patients because of covid cases that are growing and growing in number. Drastic measures sometimes have to be taken to bring the numbers down. We all have to sacrifice until the numbers get under control again

  3. Hello,
    I hope all the small businesses make it through these difficult times. Our state with the rainy day fund is helping out the small businesses. The federal government is not helping, they could be doing more. I hope the upcoming vaccine helps and comes soon. We help our local restaurants by doing the carryout. I am grateful my family and I are staying healthy, that is most important. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

  4. These are the craziest days ever! Thankfully we’ve been safe and able to breath fresh air out here in the country. It’s hard to believe how long this is lasting but I have no doubt this is a real threat and we have to be very careful. Yes, we must support our local businesses – so important.

  5. Difficult times… Our governor has more strict guidelines here as well. I hope that she will use restraint before she sends everyone into a tailspin with another major lockdown. It just isn’t wise to destroy the economy for her leftist agenda. I’m sure that she would be in lockstep with your governor.

    Always praying…that’s not a bad thing. ☺️

  6. I am late, but I am joining your prayer for those loved ones in your life who are suffering! Thankful that our Father hears!

    We are not yet on lockdown, but restrictions are tighter again. I, too, feel for those whose livelihoods depend on sales and being open for business! It’s a tough time for business owners. May we who are His be salt and light to those who need hope!

  7. Hi Ellen,

    Our restaurants have been back open for a little while now. Some are not open yet, and others have made the decision to close permanently. We supported them all during the lockdown by getting takeout, and we’re visiting in person now when possible. My maternal grandfather was a small business owner, and I know these folks work awfully hard to be successful. It seems like most of us have a lot to be thankful for; we certainly do here. I’m glad to know that you and your loved ones are staying well, Ellen.

    Take care!


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