Orange Has It’s Place Hodgepodge

It’s time for Wednesday Hodgepodge and Jo From This Side of the Pond is carving out the questions for us to answer.
1. Boo, boo-hoo, make a boo-boo, boo(ze)…pick one and tell us how it relates to life lately.
I’m going with Boo since we play a lot of peekaboo around here these days.
2. Do you like the color orange? Would we find this color in your home? Your wardrobe? Peach-pumpkin-tangeringe…your favorite shade of the three listed?
The color orange has it’s place but not in my everyday world of house decor or clothing. You’ll find orange in our house in our Fall decor. We have a rug that has rusty orange in it and a couple of rusty orange pillows. Blaze orange is around the house right now because of it being a safety color to wear while hunting. I enjoy seeing orange mixed with green and burgundy in nature! My riding lawn mower is orange!
3. October 28th is National Chocolate Day. What’s the last chocolate something you tasted? On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being out of this world delicious, how would you rate it?
Our son and DIL brought a box of Sees Chocolates for our annual family hunting weekend. I’ll give Sees Candy a 10.
4. Life is like a box of chocolates or so says Forrest Gump’s mama. Would you agree? Aside from the pandemic fallout tell us one way this saying has played out in your life.
Should I go deep with this question? I suppose we never know what a day will bring but we can prepare ourselves for whatever comes our way by being built up on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Believing faith in who He is and what He’s done by repenting of our sins and following Him is the beginning. Then continuing in that faith by reinforcing it, reading the truth in the Bible and being obedient to it and staying in fellowship with God. God made this saving faith available to us through Jesus. Ask Him to show you.
5. As October winds down tell us three things you loved about the month we’re bidding adieu.
We had a rich time of fellowship during the month of October with three groups of family gathered together. My brother’s family arrived to our property in their 5th wheel and we had an extended visit with them here. We gathered on the west side of the Cascades with more family from California along with my brother’s family. My brother’s family departed our place last Thursday and later on that same day our kids from the west side of the mountains arrived for our annual Family Hunting Weekend. Three solid days of enjoying each other. 
6.  Insert your own random thought here.
We never dreamed we would be enjoying our 4th Annual Corn Maze adventure in the snow. But you never know what a day will bring. We bundled up and I’ll share our Corn Maze experience on my blog on Friday.
About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Orange Has It’s Place Hodgepodge

  1. Hello Ellen,
    I love the pumpkin collage. Your living room looks very pretty! A corn maze in the snow, that is different.
    I am glad October was a happy month for you and your family. Take care, have a happy day!

  2. I like the pop of orange in your house for fall! And how crazy is a corn maze in the snow? 🙂

    Love your answer for question #3. It is so true that we never know what a day will bring, but we can know that He is our Rock!! I am so grateful for that!!

  3. Obviously, you didn’t get too lost in the Corn Maze. If I tried one, I’d be in there for days. Ha! Orange is all around me all year through. Good thing I like it.

    Amen to all you shared on the third question. It is good to go deep.

  4. All that family time sounds so nice. I’m behind (always here) but you mentioned you’ll be in Hickory. A trip over to Highlands would be fun and the next town beyond is Cashiers, also fun. Highlands is an easier walking town though. I think from Hickory you’re just under 3 hours to Highlands. If you’re looking for a splurge Old Edwards Inn and Spa in Highlands is fantastic! But definitely a splurge : )

  5. Ellen – I am wearing an orange jacket and blouse today, together with a Halloween vest. I think I have one other orange piece of clothing, but that’s it! I can see you got the same snow that arrived at our place last weekend! I miss doing corn mazes with our kids! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Like the pumpkin collage!
    I usually wear a bright orange sweat shirt when I walk and the only orange I have in the house is the ‘red’ fiesta ware that is really orange.
    Your snow wasn’t just a dusting but a decent amount. No snow here yet.

  7. I always love reading your answers.
    What a wonderful fun time you have had this month! All the company!
    Love the photo of the ‘boys’ in their yellow vests.
    Corn maze in the snow? Yikes!

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