We’re in Hot Water!

So how timely is it that we are on the letter W for Monday April 27th!

We have not had our heat going a lot the last few days which aided our discovery of a noise that was confusing. We heard the noise in one of our guest rooms that is also the grands play room.

We have determined that it is a hot water pipe leak somewhere in the vicinity below this room.

We have a couple call outs to local plumbers and hope to get this glitch addressed soon. I will be calling our insurance company to see about our coverage for this problem. One of the options in addressing this is to go through this floor to pump out the water and repair the leak. If that’s the case it will be great to get rid of this carpet and put some new flooring in this room. Our entire crawl space has a bladder between the floor and the crawl space and that’s where the water has been accumulating. It’s ready to burst! Yikes! We will know more once we get a plumber out to assess what needs to be done. In the meantime here are more water photos from our favorite walks along the beach, Emma Woods in Ventura, California from 2008-2010. The waves of Emma Wood.

God is in control of the waves of the sea and all the waves in our lives, too. If you don’t believe that I pray that God will reveal himself and his power and sovereignty to you so that you can believe.

Happy Monday to y’all. I’ll let you know what the plumber reveals. Makes us thankful for social distancing since hot water and showers are at a premium right now to keep the leak under control.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “We’re in Hot Water!

  1. Oh my goodness … scary water story and then the beauty of the waves… what a juxtaposition. I hope you get that plumber soonest and that the problem can be remedied without too much expense.

  2. Happy Monday to you too! Hope you can get this repaired asap. The ocean waves are so powerful and beautiful – thanks for the message of assurance!

  3. I hope you get someone to look at the problem or give you advice. Due to social distancing trades people would not be available here at this time unless it was an emergency for a gas leak. If it was a water leak inside our property it would be the same. Beautiful photos of the waves.

  4. Prayers for the problem to be found and solved soon, Ellen, we had a leak in our wall in 2012, our insurance company was great, though getting things fixed was a little inconveniencing, simply because it took us a while before we found our leak, it seems you found your yours quickly!
    I agree our God is in control of everything, beautiful encouraging words of Psalms. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Having had our own plumbing issues recently, I think these things are sent to teach us patience 🙂 Very hard to do when you are worried about pipes bursting! Hope you get the issue fixed quickly. Loved the photos!

  6. Ironic your sharing photos, albeit beautiful, of all the water, given your current situation. I hope the leak is found and fixed successfully. Happy Monday to you!

  7. Sure hope you get that water situation figured out and fixed!!
    Like how you’re thinking on the positive side about getting new flooring! : )
    The water pictures are beautiful.

    • Jean, we have a manufactured home and the
      bottom of the home is completely covered with a woven thick plastic liner. It covers all the plumbing and insulation. When we go into the crawl space all you see is the plastic above. The water leak has filled part of the space and it is bulging down from the weight. Hope that makes sense.

  8. Oh dear. And now is not a good time to find workers—they’re all so busy. I hope the Water leak is fixed soon.
    Emma Woods! We are not VENTURA-ing out to the beach now. Too many people. But those photos make me so homesick for my beaches.

  9. So sorry to read of your water leak issues Ellen! Thankful that this didn’t occur in the middle of the winter. I guess I’m always the eternal optimist! {smiles} Praying that you find a plumber to help you fix the issue quickly and without too much uproar in the house! I loved the pictures of the waves hitting the beach wall, and the sea gulls… gorgeous scenes you captured! I pray too that any of your readers who don’t know the Lord will know that He is the one in control of this world, and to seek Him out. Much love to you!

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