Ultimate Lumberjack

I was unable to come up with a good U word so I hope you’ll understand the pressure I was under to make my post fit with the letter U. I give you the Ultimate Lumberjack themed photo shoot from this side of the Columbia River. The broadband I had today was not useless as before and I was able to upload many of the photos from last Saturday the 18th of April. You are under no obligation to view this post. It is ultimately for my use and pleasure. You will undoubtedly confirm Jaymison is the cutest little Lumberjack under 3 feet.

Jaymison Joshua our little lumberjack.

This was my greeting as I got out of my car arriving on our kids’ mountain. Addy was letting me know I needed to keep my distance. UGH! We are going to have to do some un-conditioning once this virus threat has subsided.

Addy rode her little battery operated 4 wheeler over to the photo shoot and climbed through the fence to join the fun.

Hats off to our daughter-in-law for the props, the beards, felt ax rattle, the one sign and to our son for staging his wood pile with the axes and sawdust!

We are so thankful for how you are growing dear Jaymison Joshua. You are mastering walking well. We love your vocalizing and how you are starting to stand up for yourself. It will be interesting to see how you and your sister work out your individual personalities, hopefully with lots of love.  Soon and I hope very soon we will be able to come closer than 6 feet from you. We want to give you a big hug! Baba and Gramps love you so much.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Lumberjack

  1. Hello, Your ultimate lumberjack is so cute. It is great you were able to see the grandkids in person, even if it was from 6ft away. Adorable photos. Take care, stay safe! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

  2. Happy birthday to, clearly, the cutest little lumberjack! These pictures are priceless … I love the matching plaid!
    I can feel the distancing in Addy’s wave … it is a feeling we never imagined we’d have to live. May it be over soon!

  3. My heart breaks as I read your words of Addy’s distancing wave!!! JJ sure is the cutest little lumberjack! Today we wait for pictures of the little boy in our family who just turned two today! Thank goodness for pictures and facetime. I cannot wait for this to be over!

  4. These lumberjack pictures surely are the ultimate in a themed photo shoot. D and J…I suspect the latter did most of the planning… are just so cute and will be hauled out and smiled over countless times as they grow.

  5. He is the cutest little lumberjack I have ever seen! It was a wonderful theme, perfect for photos!
    (Social distancing is tough on grandparents.)

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