Today is the letter F and it took a while to settle on a theme or a word starting with F. How about Favorites from Easter’s Past or Flashbacks from Easter Past. These photos were from a cooking class the Mennonite Girls Can Cook taught at Lepp Farm Market in Abbotsford, British Columbia in 2014. The class was for Mennonite Heritage (Russian/Ukrainian) foods we enjoy at Easter especially Paska (Kulich-Russian Easter Bread), Seernaya Paska (Sweet Cheese Spread for the Paska) and other Mennonite foods.

Paska (Kulich) a very traditional Russian/Ukrainian Easter bread that is frosted and sprinkled!

Our daughter Katie traveled with me to Canada for this cooking class and took most of the photos during the class. This will be an Easter where our family does not gather to bake Russian Easter Bread together.

This is what our family’s Easter bread looks like. We bake the bread in old coffee cans we’ve saved from years past.

And here’s a flashback to the fifties, a family photo in our Easter finery. I’m in yellow with my classic Buster Brown haircut!

Back to the present. Today is Tuesday April 7, 2020. Yesterday I started the process to try to make a couple face masks. Pray for me because sewing has gotten me into so much trouble in my past. I was sent to detention in 7th grade because of something I said to my sewing teacher. OYE! My sisters are more talented in the art of sewing than me. My mother was a great seamstress, too. Me…not so much! I hope I can finish a mask today!!

Elastic is so hard to come by these days and look what I found in my sewing bin! A new package of the right kind of elastic for making masks!

I can’t remember why we bought this sewing machine but there it is and here I am hoping the threading is right and the tension is right and the stitching will go without the bobbin thread getting all backed up, etc. etc.

But…look at my delightful fabric that I’ve kept in my sewing bin for over 40 years now! Our firstborn’s room was themed after Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter and I bought this fabric thinking I’d sew curtains or something. Now I’ll be able to use it for Covid19 masks!! Who would have fathomed!

Forging Forward full of faith forever founded in Father God the author and finisher of our faith!

Looking forward to fun family and friend fellowship in the future!!

Do you sew? I’m sending my excess elastic to my sister Vera who has received requests for her to sew face masks for them. Eeek but now I have to make sure and finish a mask before I head to the Post office to mail that elastic to her!

Happy Tuesday y’all!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. Oh Paska…the memories of it are so sweet. I used to bake it every year and now I would be all alone to eat it. There is nothing so wonderful in the Easter Bread Department.

    You and I both made masks yesterday. It was a first for me. I think flannel is much too hot against the face where I was told that it would be comfortable. I used ties instead of elastic. Hopefully, there will not be a need for them for very long. The news is so good this morning.

  2. Such a fun post. I don’t remember seeing those cute containers for the paska. We’re they baked in them. And thank you for the elastic. Love you

  3. I’ve enjoyed seeing the traditional Easter cake that you make with the pretty decoration. Our traditional Italian panettone in the shape of a dove will be missed this year as our daughter buys and brings one when she comes to stay which, of course, is not happening. The recipe needs a lot of ingredients also unavailable this year. I like the fabric for the masks.

    • Linda, our Russian Easter bread is very similar to Panetone. When we were in Milan in 2013 just before Easter I bought a Panetone and brought it home for our Easter bread that year because we wouldn’t have time to back our Kulich/Paska. Happy Easter to you!

      • Thank you Ellen. May Easter blessings rest upon you and your family. It’s interesting to see your Russian Easter bread and compare it to panettone. Panettone has a flavour, I think it’s the vanilla, which we all enjoy in our home. The plain one with lemon filling is very nice for Easter 🙂

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